3rd Trimester

contractions on and off

 So  ever since I woke up been having contractions on and off.  In the morning they were " light" and seem to get more intensity as the day has gone on, they  almost stop me in my tracks.  The timing is all off so I am just going to let my body do it's thing and  if they get really strong  or  consistent in time then I think it might be time to call the doctor. Anyone else dealling with inconsitent contractions?

Re: contractions on and off

  • I've had them for 2 weeks.
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  • Good Luck mine have been erratic they started this morning around 4 but were very light and have seemed to have gone away now :( but yes I have had a few days where they last a long time and continue to get stronger. I hope this is it for you otherwise 6 more days to go Stick out tongue good luck
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  • Good luck! I hope they start to progress so you can meet your LO!
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  • When I had my first child my contractions were erractic.  They never followed the 5-1-1 rule.  I was in labor for 14 hours total from the very first mild contraction to delivery.  I would say if they are stopping you in your tracks to go get checked out.  My doctor broke my water after I went in, I think that helped get things moving at a more steady pace.  Also, prior to my dr breaking my water, walking helped moved things along too.  I went from 2 to 3 cm after walking for 45 minutes.  HTH!  GL! 

  • I have been having some since 4am.  Very painful, but on/off with consistancy.  At times, they are 5min apart, then irradic, then 3-4min apart.  But mine have also been 'stopping me in my tracks' at times.  I'm waiting until I cant take it anymore or until my water breaks.  Hopefully it will be sometime soon, lets get this show on the road!!!!
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  • Same thing has been happening to me, with 7 days left. I went to the hospital last night and got checked and everything but other then wanting me to come back every day now there is nothing new for me. Our bodies are just getting ready for D day. I would suggest you go and get checked though. Better safe then sorry and if this is your first time they completely understand that you're unsure. My dr and the nurses have been great.

    Good luck.

  •   well... still waiting for her to come. Contractiosn got weak and less as night went one. Thanks for sharing everyone! 
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