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RLS, seriously?

Ok, so for some reason I've always thought restless leg syndrome was bogus. Until now. I seriously CANNOT sleep. My legs feel so weird that they almost hurt. I keep having to kick them around and flex my calf muscles or I feel like I'm going to crawl out of my skin. Does anyone have any suggestions to make it go away? I looked up some stuff on google, but I'd rather get some actual suggestions. Thanks in advance!  :)
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Re: RLS, seriously?

  • wish i had an answer for you, seeing as how it's 4:20am, i'd love to know how to get some sleep too!

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  • I have had that a new pillow that is firm support help me :) 
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    Get up and walk around the house for 5-10 minutes.  That's usually enough to calm my RLS down.
  • As a lifetime RLS sufferer....there doesn't seem to be too much to do besides medication.  I just try to do things during the day in moderation with my legs (don't sit for too long, don't work them out too hard).  Deep massage helps my legs, sometimes a warm bath.  Deep knee bends if it is the middle of the night.  I have heard of bananas helping (potassium) and quinine (tonic water...yuck!), but never really tried those on a regular basis.

     Good luck...hopefully your legs will settle soon and you can get some sleep!

  • I've had RLS or years and I've discovered a few things that help. First of all, don't eat ice cream...or at least don't eat it at night. Nobody seems to know why--perhaps something about the monodiglycerides--but I know that for me and many other people, nothing activates the "kicky leg" like ice cream. Second, cut back or eliminate salt from your diet and drink lots of water. Seriously...you'll notice a difference in a few days. Third, take a magnesium supplement twice a day. You can get this fizzy drink called "Calm" at any health food store which is just a magnesium drink and take it before bed. Personally I had to stop taking it because it gave me the runs, but cutting out salt and the right dosage extra magnesium really make a difference. Also, my sister's midwife recommended having a 20 minute dance party before bed. I haven't tried that remedy yet, but I fully support it :)
  • I have had RLS for my entire life.A few years ago, I started taking Mirapex.. a miracle! So I thought.. I gained about 60 pounds over about 3 - 4 years and had terrible nightmares, and had no idea that it was the medicine! When I researched it, and stopped taking it, the nightmares went away. Though I haven't lost the weight, I stopped gaining, which I'll take.

    My RLS is BAD.  

    Anyway, I tried this stuff called Night Time Leg Calm. You rub it on your lower back. It works. Seriously! It took a few nights, but it works!!!!!!! It seems too good to be true, but seriously, try it, it's worth the few bucks you'll spend on it. 

    I get it from Nature's Inventory, but I believe it's available on Amazon. 

  • I always thought RLS was a bunch of BS to, just another way to sell drugs but boy ways I wrong!

    Luckily my wonderful DH got me 10 prenatal/postnatal massages (three for after baby is born) and when I went to my last appointment I told my person about my legs and she worked on my hips a lot! And then she put her fingers in this place and I moved my leg up towards the ceiling and then towards my chin and POP everything felt better again! She even showed DH what she was doing so that he can help me out between appointments if need be. So while spendy it might be worth getting a prenatal massage because I haven't had a single problem since.   


  • As a lifetime RLS sufferer I'm glad that some of you are realizing that this is real and unbearable for those of us who have it. 

     I also have it BAD. I can't sit through a long dinner or a movie without taking extra meds. 

    I've been on meds for years (Sinemet) and I take them around the clock, not just at night, but can't be on them again until I'm past week 16 of pregnancy per my OB. (yay! drugs next week!) Things that have helped me for the past 4 months of no meds - Icy Hot patches on my calves or a heating pad under my calves in bed. If I get them really hot or really cold it helps enough for me to sleep for an hour or two at a time. When I first went off the meds I was sleeping for 20 minutes at a time when I was really exhausted.


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