1st Trimester

Update Ultrasound Today

I wanted to update on my original post. We went in a week ago and we were only able to see a gestational sac and the doctor said he thought it looked about 5 weeks. Today DH DD and I went in and were pleased to see LO on the screen with a tiny little heartbeat flickering away! Baby is measuring at 6 weeks. Our doctor is so great he said he isn't billing our insurance for these ultrasounds because he is just looking for fun. He even said I can come back in 2 weeks to have another look and see everything progressing because he could tell I am nervous. We are thrilled to know our little peanut has a heartbeat! Now if this crampy feeling would go away (I'm guessing it is from the trans vag ultrasound or DH and I last night..first time in a few weeks). Thanks for reading my update!

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