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Anyone have scar tissue removal?

During and after my second c-section the doctor informed that I had a lot of extensive scar tissue and my uterus had adhered to my bladder. Now 3 months later I am having pain that he thinks is related to new scar tissue formation and organs being attached in this. Has anyone ever had laproscopic removal of their scar issue? Has anyone had a 3rd c-section with this issue? Just so torn about whether or not to have a 3rd baby. The 2nd c-section was awful!!

Re: Anyone have scar tissue removal?

  • I had to have scar tissue removed in the nether-regions after my son was born vaginally.  My next two births were c-sections and I've had no issues with those.
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  • I have 4 kids and just had my last csection which was my 3rd one.  and the doctor removed scar tissue while he was there and even cut out my old scar so that I had a new scar and no more tissue there.  Laproscopic surgury was never an issue and I hope that things work out for you and that the pain goes away.
  • I had lots of scar tissue all over from my first csection. I had it removed a few weeks ago when I had a hysterectomy. The scar tissue was irritating neighboring organs and causing me a lot of pain. my first csection also excellerated the progress of uterine disease simmilar to endometriosis. it wouldn't have been a good idea for me to have a 3rd child/ csection and the scar tissue was a big part of it.
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