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Mother Instinct?

With my first son, I had an immediate feeling he was going to be a boy. Something just told me. When I was 17 weeks, I had an ultrasound and they asked me if I wanted to know the sex, and I replied "I already do". I was right! Now this time around, I have the same feeling, however, I am adament this one is a girl. I don't even think of this baby being a boy, and find myself referring to it as "her" or "she".

Is this just a mother's instinct? Have any of you ladies experienced it?

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Re: Mother Instinct?

  • This is my first pregnancy, and yes I have that "feeling" too. I have always thought it was a boy. From the time I got a BFP, a first named popped into my head and I have been calling him by that name ever since! Boy or girl, I just want a happy and healthy baby.

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  • Yup... I told my DH from day one that our first was going to be a girl, and low and behold we had a little girl.  I'm feeling little girl again ... we'll see!
  • This is my first and I am sure it's a boy, I keep calling the baby him and just have this feeling...it's weird.
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  • no proof yet...but I had dreams we had a girl a couple of weeks before I got the BFP....
  • I really can't tell what I feel either way.  I really want a boy because this is BF's first child, and he would love a son, but he did say a lot of positive things if it's a girl also.

    But I have two sons, so I don't know if I jeep referring to the baby as him out of habit from having boys, or if it's something more.

    Guess I'll find out in a few weeks.  UGH! 

  • With DD I was certain I was having a girl this time I'm still not sure what I think yet!
  • I have a feeling it's a boy, but it's not a really intense feeling.. just sort of a little in-the-back-of-my-mind sort of thing.
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  • Heck yes!  I am pregnant with my second daughter.  The first time I dreamt I was going to have a girl when I was only 9 weeks along.  Every dream after that was about a girl... so I wasn't surprised when they revealed the gender on the ultrasound.  This time, 10 years later, it was the same thing.  My husband was pulling for a boy, but I kept telling him, "Sorry, it's a girl."  He talked to one of his co-workers who had 3 kids; his co-worker told him that "the mom always knows".  Apparently, his wife new the gender of all of their kiddos before the ultrasound.  I think it's just one of life's mysteries that no one can explain.  What a wonderful gift!
  • I have a feeling it's going to be a girl. I had a feeling of boy with DS and I was right. We shall see.

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  • At first I thought for sure it will be a girl, but I think that's just because I am hoping for a girl. I don't think I have any real feelings about what it could be!

    When my SIL was pregnant with her youngest, she said she just knew it was a girl. She said it was so different than with her boys, and she even started buying lots of girl things before her ultrasound.  Turns out, it was another boy! Lots of stuff had to go back which made her feel awful about it.

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  • I had a huge feeling my baby was a boy, but at the ultrasound the DR said GIRL!!! I couldn't believe it... we are having another ultrasound soon and I have an eery feeling she will come up as a boy!



  • My SIL was like this - she is 27 weeks with her first baby, and EVERYONE was convinced she would have a girl. Partially karmically (we all felt like she just had to have a little girl that would be just like she was), and all the old wives tales: she had no morning sickness, no cravings, was carrying more around the middle, etc. But she was determined she was having a boy from about 10 weeks on. Finally all the rest of the world was proven wrong and she was right, it's going to be a boy!

  • This is my first pregnancy and I was convinced I was having a boy. Turned out she's a girl! Oh well, so much for my instincts!
  • Yup, with both my other pregnancies.  I don't getting a "feeling" until about 14 weeks, but it's very clear, and been right both times so far. :)
  • I've felt like my baby is a boy since I was about 9 weeks along. It was strange, the feeling just came over me. My mom told me she thinks it's a boy too but didn't want to say anything because she knows my husband is rooting for a girl. I think I read somewhere that mom's instinct tends to be right about 70% of the time, so we have a decent chance at being right!
  • yes. With my son I just knew he would be a boy and wasn't at all surprised at the sonogram when the doc told us so. With this pregnancy I have to same feeling that it's a girl. In all the dreams I have that include the baby it's always a girl too. Plus, DS hugs my belly and says how much he "loves his baby sister." Maybe he's got the instinct too.

    The rest of the family is convinced it's a boy because there hasn't been a girl born in my husband's family for at least 4 generations. Time to break the cycle. ;)


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  • I am very adament on the feeling of a girl this time around.  With my son I had no idea, but ever since I got my positive I've had that instinct/intuition that this one is a girl.  I sure do hope it's right.  I have been referring to baby as she/her and have not had any interest in boy stuff.  I already have a name picked out and the bedding picked out.  It's crazy.  I hope this instinct is right.
  • Well, I had the feel from the very beginning that I was having a boy but the ultrasounds say it's a girl.  Every one of the dreams I have had it has been a baby boy as well.  I just hope this is not telling me something because all I have is pink, purple and green stuff :)
  • I was convinced I was having a boy also....  and I was wrong!  We are having our little girl on Monday.  So if you want to know, listen to the ultrasound tech!
  • Definitely. I had 3 vivid dreams it was a girl and was not surprised when the ultrasound tech said "girl!" 



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  • I felt sure we were having a girl...up until 18 weeks when I felt the baby kick the first time. After that, I just knew he was a boy somehow. I was carrying so high and showing very early - everyone was convinced it was a girl except me and a couple of family and friends. I was right! :)
  • I think it is possible! This is my first pregnancy and basically ever since I first found out I was pregnant I kept referring to the baby as "he" or "him". ?I tried to correct myself because I really just didn't want to end up being?disappointed?if it turned out to be a girl. ?Even though I kept prepping myself before the ultrasound that it's a girl (just in case I was wrong), I was right and it was a boy! I just knew. ?I had such a strong feeling from the beginning. ?Now I'm so excited for the next baby (not for another few years of course) and hope we end up having a girl eventually! I love girls too. ?They're so cute and have so many cute little dresses for them. ?But who knows if it was really instinct or just plain ol' 50/50 chance.
  • i think I have the opposite ability....i swore up and down we were having a boy nad we have a beautiful daughter...with all of our friends that are getting preganant and having babies i have been wrong about what they are having also...lol....i just tell my people now that whatever i think it is, it will be the opposite...lol...it was weird tho....we had a girls name picked out before we even got pregnant and couldn't agree on a boys name...maybe i should have considered that a sign...

  • i think I have the opposite ability....i swore up and down we were having a boy and we have a beautiful daughter...with all of our friends that are getting preganant and having babies i have been wrong about what they are having also...lol....i just tell my people now that whatever i think it is, it will be the opposite...lol...it was weird tho....we had a girls name picked out before we even got pregnant and couldn't agree on a boys name...maybe i should have considered that a sign...

  • totally believe in it!! i'm 6 for 6 in predictions! i just "knew" with all of them!! i have 2 boys, then 3 girls and am now pregnant with a little boy, i already had his stuff on layaway before we went for any ultrasounds to find out gender!! all blue!!
  • This is our first pregnancy and I was SO sure I was having a girl. In fact, almost everyone else, even strangers, thought I was having a girl. At my husband's job, they took a poll and 13 co-workers thought it was a girl, 2 thought it was a boy. When we went to the sex-determination ultrasound I was so shocked to find out it was a BOY. Now we can't wait to meet our little Cristiano! =) Looks like I'm the minority here who couldn't accurately "feel" what I was having lol.
  • I had two VERY vivid dreams - one even before I knew I was PG. In both dreams my husband and I were in the front yard of a house I'd never seen in my life, playing in the grass with a little boy about one or two yrs old with light brown hair and blue eyes... I'm 36 weeks and 6 days pregnant - and we're having a boy. Oh, and that yard we were in? It looks freakishly similar to the yard here at our new house. Concidence? You decide :) We'll see if I'm right about the hair and eyes too - I think it's likely since both hubby and I have light eyes and dark hair. And hubby was blond when he was born, hence, the lighter hair. Just sayin...
  • Yes I have a 9 yr old boy and through his whole pregnancy I knew w/o a shadow of a doubt he was a boy.  I had that feeling exactly and I would really think it was going to be a girl but I would 2nd guess b/c I wanted a girl so badly. I thought I was fooling myself into believing it would be a girl and didn't want to be dissapointed. It got so bad at a family BBQ my hubby's cousin said she thought it was a boy when I was 17 weeks and I was really upset about it, and pushed up my date to find out. Finally I got my U/S at 19 weeks and I was right the whole time. It was the little girl I knew I was having, I should not have 2nd guessed myself. I believe I already knew that I just didn't want to get my hopes up.
  • I have had the strongest feeling since the day I found out that it is a girl. I have 29 more painful days to wait to find out for sure but I think I am going to be right!
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  • I have to admit that I 'felt' my baby being a girl. But I never came out and said it until I knew it was for sure. BTW I'm also from Iowa GO HAWKEYES!!!!!!!
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