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Which is the best way to sleep, so doctors told me that you can still sleep on ur stomach, but dont sleep on your back

so can yall help me out dlike what is the best way 


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    i've heard that as long as you're still comfortable, it's fine to sleep however you want. my ob did say that after 24 weeks or so, if i wake up on my back to just turn to my side. i've also read that the left side is best for blood circulation for yourself and for baby. 

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  • My MW says whatever is comfortable.  I wake up on my back sometimes but she said that was ok.  She said my body would let me know.
  • Whatever is comfortable is okay, though i don't think that stomach sleeping is encouraged, but when you get to 25+ weeks i cant imagine it being all that comfortable either.   Left side is better for your digestion, blood flow for the baby, and oxygenation.
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  • Not that I am a pro, but yes to all of the above. My doc said don't stress about it too much, your body will tell you.
  • I'm doing whatever is comfortable right now.  I can still sleep on my stomach, but have been trying to get used to sleeping on my side, since in a few weeks, the stomach won't be an option.  I've read that the left side is better, and that you should avoid sleeping on your back, but I am not really stressing about that stuff. 

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