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Feeling Bad about the Bottle...

I started supplementing with formula last weekend and to be honest, kind of got away from breast feeding just because of how easy it is to give LO a bottle... lame I know. But every time I give LO a bottle of formula I feel horrible. Like I'm cheating him. I don't know why? I don't know if its just that I was so used to having that "bond" with him during feedings and now its kind of gone? Has this happened to anyone? I'm going back to BF him throughout the day and only giving him formula throughout the night or when I'm away from him (which is very rare).  

Re: Feeling Bad about the Bottle...

  • i don't think you should feel bad if giving him a bottle makes you less stressed and/or makes life a little easier.  you have to do what works for you & your family when it comes down to it.  GL with whatever decision you make! :)
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  • I feel this way, but I'm exclusively pumping. We've only given DD formula twice. I miss our nursing sessions, but my nipples just can't take it =( I'm hoping that once I heal I'll be able to go back to breastfeeding her and giving her bottles. We have found that it's more convenient to be able to bottle feed, especially when we go out into public. But I still have a broken heart about it! 
  • if you are having regrets, then like you said just try to nurse as much as you can. I dont know why you started to supplement, but it sound slike there was a reason. I dont think you should feel bad, but if you do then try to figure out how to back off the bottle.
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  • DD gets formula bottles here and there, usually when my boobs need a little break, or DH really wants to feed her. We started out supplementing because of jaundice and it just works really well for us. But there is a stipulation I made myself on this plan. I NEVER give her the bottle, and I NEVER make the bottle. I don't even know how to make a bottle. This way, I can't just do it for sheer convenience. Sometimes I really, really just want to give her the bottle when DH is not here, but I do not allow myself to and usually after just a little bit longer, the desire to goes away. This way, when I really, really need it, I do get a break, but it doesn't interfere with BFing too much.
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  • I don't understand why people think bottle feeding prevents mothers from bonding with their babies.  So I've never bonded with my baby because I've never fed from my breast?  You don't have to worry, your baby will be perfectly happy with the bottle.
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