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Oh, the smells!!!!

Not only does everything smell terrible in this heat, a new lady who just started working near me is DROWNING in perfume. She's not even that close to me, but I can smell her perfume from several offices over. AND I just heard someone else tell her "You smell nice" and she said, "Oh, it's a musk perfume that my sister gave me." Musk!!!! I know, to each her own, but ugh, I can't stand it!!!!!




Re: Oh, the smells!!!!

  • Eeww, I feel so sorry for you. I noticed that my sense of smell increased when DH & I were in the rubber worm isle in Dicks Sporting Goods... I got so grossed out and told him that they smelled horrible. He couldn't smell them until he got right up on the bag and even then, he said it was very faint.
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  • We were at a restaurant the other night and the whole place smelled like a  sour washcloth. It was nauseating.  NO one else could smell it and it was stuck in my nose.  GROSS!
  • This was one of my very early pg symptoms and I work in a restaurant so its even worse, the smell of bacon, melted cheese, warm bread, coffee, chicken, yhuck!!!!!!  I now look it as reassurance as m/s has yet to set in!
  • To give even more of an idea of what she smells like, like me quote from Wikipedia:

    Musk is the name originally given to a substance with a penetrating odor obtained from a gland of the male musk deer, which is situated between its back/rectal area.

    The name, originated from Sanskrit mu?k? meaning "testicle," has come to encompass a wide variety of substances with somewhat similar odors although many of them are quite different in their chemical structures. 

    So, she smells like, uh, deer testicles. ;)  

  • ugh... i'm sorry... but i'd probably have to say something.  like, no offense... but i'm pregnant right now and, um, well... that perfume you love just makes me want to toss my cookies.  i'm not trying to be mean and i know my sense of smell is exaggerated right now.  so could you try maybe using a little less?  thanks.  (be sure to use the "i'm going to hurl now just thinking about it" look on your face)
  • LOL wow I would go crazy I smell everything. I cant remember being like this with my other kids. but wow everything is horrible. Im making a roast today an I told my oldest whats that smell? its icky I think smells like pea she laughed said mom its dinner lol wow how will i ever eat that...
  • Completely agree!

    I have always had a really good nose (I win the "which baby food is this" game at every baby shower). But in pregnancy, it's gone into super-sniffer mode. I was having dinner last night, and the bottle of salad dressing was making me crazy.

    Of course, sometimes it's a weird false smell: I was trying to get intimate with DH not long ago, and everything in the bedroom smelled like apple cider vinegar to me (him included). Not very sexy.

    I also think chrysalis's advice is right on.  


  • I feel your pain.  I just met a friend for lunch and when I got out of my car all I could smell was rotting garbage.  My friend thought I was nuts because there wasn't a trash can or dumpster in sight and she swore to me she didn't smell anything.
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  • I can't even go in the bathroom while DH is getting ready in the morning because his cologne makes me gag. Sorry you have to sit through it at work!
  • I'm sorry that stinks!  (No pun intended!) 

     I know how you feel, I'm a 6th grade teacher (when the kids should all be wearing deodorant but some don't) and the last week of school I actually had to ask a kid to back away from me!  Very musky.  Thank goodness it's summer break!

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