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Frustrated - Dr. still wont induce me

went to appt today. am same as i was last week despite all the walking , sex and pineapple eating. 2cm and only 50% effaced.

Dr. says her practice does not induce unless its a medical emergency or i have gone past the 42 weeks.

I dont know what to do anymore. i feel i CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE!!! i am losing my mind. i keep gaining weight, getting puffier, more uncomfortable horrible back pain and am really scared something will happen to the baby if she stays in there much longer.

is it possible i just will NEVER go into labor on my own? i mean, can that even happen?

sorry for the vent ladies i am just beyond anxious!

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Re: Frustrated - Dr. still wont induce me

  • Hang in there!  Sending you labor dust that LO comes on her own.  I'm on bedrest now and already pulling out my hair and I know that I have 5 more weeks of this!

    42 weeks is the normal "pregnant" time in Europe and many doctors here also think that's a perfectly normal time for baby to be in the belly.  

  • Well my mum never went into labour with my brother, and he was 3 weeks over so they did a c-section...
    That's pretty rare, I think.

    I'm sure your baby will decide to come out! I think it's kind of good of your doctor to be willing to wait the full 42 weeks actually. My doctor is not that generous and only gave me an extra week.

    Hang in there - it may be the longest time of your life but it's about to get sooo much butter when your baby comes!

  • I would be super frustrated. I will NOT be a happy camper if I'm made to wait that long. I did have a friend who went straight to a c-section and she was only 1 day late. She was not progressing at all and the baby hadn't turned. Luckily they did it because when they got in there, he had the chord around his neck.
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  • oh, I am sorry that stinks- I mean after 40 weeks, your ready. Your past your due date, talk to you babe and tell them to come out!!!!
  • You just never know...you could go from no progression to labor any second.

    I was 5 days overdue. NO progress (I was only a fingertip dilated). I got acupuncture..walked a lot...and all the sudden BAM contractions started coming and within 24 hrs I had DD.

    Lots of labor dust coming your way! Home something happens to you soon.

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