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Anyone meaure ahead

Hi Ladies,

I just had a doctor's appoitment, normal 4 week check up, and the little man is doing fabulous!

I'm 23 weeks tomorrow, but I am measuring 24 1/2 weeks. He said almost to the 25 week mark.

He said that it happens, but I didn't ask him if that meant that I could deliver early (I know due dates are an estimate), I didn't think of it until later.


Has this happened to anyone?


Re: Anyone meaure ahead

  • At my last checkup, LO weighed more than "average" and measured 4 days ahead.  My Dr said they won't change the due date until she's measuring a week or more larger.  I see my high risk Dr on the 27 so we'll see.
  • Yes, I measured ahead just yesterday.  I am 26 weeks but measured 27.5 weeks.

     This is #3, and I was early for 1 and 2 and sometimes I measured exactly and other times ahead.  I'm not convinced there is a correlation.  It also depends on if they are accurate with the placement of measuring tape!

  • Yeah - my doctor said that you start to see a lot of variation in size during the 2nd and 3rd trimester, so they don't usually change due dates.  In other words, measuring ahead in the 1st trimester is more likely to indicate an earlier EDD than in the 2nd or 3rd trimester.  You could be in the middle of a growth spurt or just have a big baby.

    Ask your doctor if you're curious though.

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  • I've been measuring exactly on since 20 weeks, and LO was in the 48% on our 25 week U/S.  I had asked what that meant exactly, and my doctor said that they only tend to change EDDs if you measure ahead during an U/S around 12-15 weeks.  Otherwise, you're probably just having a larger baby. 

    If you were on track, but starting getting larger post 20 weeks, it's either a growth spurt or a large baby as he told me.  Unless LO decides to have a growth spurt, we're supposed to expect ~7lb baby.

  • My LO has consitently measured 4-6days ahead at every appointment. They did adjust my due date at the end of first tri when I was still measuring 6days ahead. At 16wks I was measuring 4days ahead even with the new due date. My big us is next week I'm kinda scared to hear how big LO is this time.
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  • At my 24 wk appt, my fundal height said 27 wks, but he made no changes to my due date or anything. I guess those can be off a bit, and it may just mean a bigger baby, a bigger uterus, or both.

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  • I once measured 4 weeks ahead while pregnant with DS. It doesn't mean anything. He wasn't a big baby, and I didn't have him early.

  • I measured two weeks ahead (by sonogram) consistently with DS.  At the end I was measuring four weeks ahead by the tape measure. :) He was two weeks early and 8 1/2 pounds.
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