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Is anyone NOT getting a bedding set?

I don't want the bumper, the blanket/quilt would really only be used for tummy time, and I'm going to need at least a couple of extra sets of sheets. I'm thinking I'll just buy/register my dust ruffle and sheets separately.  My mom's friend is making a quilt, and I've got other blankets we can use for tummy time. I don't feel like the bedding set is necessary to design the room the way we want it.

Is anyone else not getting a bedding set? 

Re: Is anyone NOT getting a bedding set?

  • Thinking about it.  I am not planning on using a bumper either.
  • The only bedding I use is crib sheets. Everything else was useless to me.  My grandmother makes beautiful quilts and DD and LO both have one she made, but neither use them yet. 
  • ::raises hand::

    we're not using a bumper or the quilt...so we'd rather spend the money on multiple sets of sheets.  

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  • I had a quilt made and registered for all different sheet patterns. I'm not a theme kind of gal (but don't mind if anyone else goes that way, of course!)
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  • This is my second child and in retrospect I wish I had never ordered bedding for my first. You can't use the bumper because they're dangerous and we ended up buying a separate breathable bumper and we never used the quilt that came with it. You really just need the sheets. I would skip the bedding set.
  • This time I will not get a set.  I never used the bumper with DD for safety reasons, same goes for the quilt and it's been sitting over a chair for 2.5 years... That's why I like Pottery Barn kids, you can buy everything separately.  I ended up buying different pattern sheets anyway with DD, in the colors of her room with and the dust ruffle was pretty neutral.

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    the bedding sets are such a waste, I learned the hard way with my first LO. We still have never used the comforter, bumpers came off as soon as he started moving. The sheets are no big deal, you can buy them seperate. You end up getting so many blankets as gifts and they can't use blankets in the crib anyway. If you see sheets and a dust ruffle you like seperate do that.
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  • Thanks for the feedback everyone!  I'm glad I'm not the only one thinking this way. 

    I do have to admit there are lots of cute bedding sets out there, but I just can't justify buying something so useless.

  • We have a theme: a day at the beach, but no bedding set matches. I'm buying sheets individually and making a quilt with some fabric we found (will be used mostly for tummy time). Otherwise, my decor will be what brings out the theme. This is my first attempt at a quilt, so we'll see how it goes!
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  • Moi.

    We probably won't be putting up the crib for several months.  I don't see why we'd need bedding right away if that's the case. 

  • Just like most other answers, we are not registering for a bed set either. I just registered for a bunch of cute crib sheets in colors that go with the nursery theme
  • I am not getting a bedding set for all the reasons you described.  Plus, the bedding sets usually only come with one sheet, so what good does that do you anyway?  I'm probably going to pick out a fabric and make a window valance (our windows are irregular sizes anyway and a regular valance won't fit) and a dust ruffle.  Then buy solid sheets to match.  I'm drawing all the artwork for our little girl's room, so I'm not concerned with everything being matchy matchy.

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  • I got sheets I liked, bought a crib skirt separate, and breathable bumpers. 
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  • I am not getting one either. We aren't finding out boy/girl and the idea I have for the room is more piecemeal, and not a cohesive theme. I am just going to get some sheets and a blanket.
  • Nope.  MIL wanted to get a bed set but I'd rather spend the money elsewhere.  I plan on getting a breathable bumper but aside from fitted sheets, nothing else.  Like PP, other blankets can be used for tummy time.
  • I'm not getting one.  We're also doing a fairly simple nursery and just some generic bedding. 
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  • I'm not.  We wouldn't use the bumper or the quilt.  We're getting a few sheets and I'll probably have my mom make the crib skirt in a coordinating color. 

    I don't see the point in wasting my money on one if I wouldn't even use half of the set.  But to each his own. 

  • We went to go register for one yesterday but then I saw how expensive they are and what actually comes in them.  Half the stuff we couldn't use anyways.  So I just registered for all the accessories that went with the bedding such as the mobile, sheets, and wall decorations etc. 
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  • Nope, I'm ordering sheets separately and sewing a dust ruffle for the crib. Couldn't see spending the money on a set when half of it wouldn't be used (blanket, bumper). I'm also not in love with the "themes." 
  • We're not getting one.  I love change (my furniture gets rearranged on nearly a monthly basis), so I rather buy a number of different colour sheets than a bedding set.  I'm not a 'set' kind of person in general, and tend to like some strange colour combinations that I just don't think I would find with a set. 
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  • I doubt we'll get a set. We'll want lots of sheets and maybe a dust ruffle, but I see no point in paying for a bumper or comforter when we won't use them. I'm sure we'll have plenty of other blankets for playing on the floor.
  • I am not planning on getting one, just because you dont use most of it.
  • I'm not gettting one. I am going to make a simple quilt (not with seperate pieces, but a quilted blanket with the batting inside), but other than that I am just getting the sheets that I like and a lamp from the Eddie Bauer (sp?) set that I like. Mainly I am doing this so that I can be as creative as I want with the theme.

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  • Nope, didn't get one for a couple of reasons.  #1 - I would never use the bumper for safety reasons and #2 - most are too themey/cutesy for me and come with useless pieces(diaper holders, valances,etc).  We bought a few pieces(bedskirt, blankets,changing pad covers,artwork, decorative pillow for chair, etc. from Restoration Hardware and are going to pick up some matching sheets elsewhere - they're sheets are bit pricey at $44/each, I have to draw the line somewhere. 
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