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What's on your list today?

I have alot going on since I was slacking on the 4 day weekend.

Baby and me time at the library.

Finish laundry.

Go to Michaels and get what I need for cake class tommorow.

Make a list of what the kids need for school this year.

Buy reeds for ds sax.

Clean mudroom.

Clean my bedroom and bathroom.

Call for estimates on more life insurance.

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Re: To-do's

  • hmm lets see.....

    Clean Kitchen (done)

    Fold laundry and put it away

    Apply for a truck loan

    fill up kiddie pool

    Clean dinning room

    Clean bathrooms

    Have fun in the pool :)

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  • we are back home from a mini vacation, so....

    fruit market



    clean floors  

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  • Take DD #2 to summer camp

    Take DD#1 to book store to buy a book for her summer reading list

    Sometime this week do a clothing and shoe inventory on my two oldest DD's (hopefully today)

    Clean bathroom

    Clean kitchen floor

    Pay a few bills

    Bank run

    Find some time today to do a workout, I went to the park this morning to get my run in and there was rain! I was soo mad because I was really looking forward to this time since I didnt get it in all weekend.



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    I don't plan on doing too much today.  It's my Birthday and DH is home!

    Take picture of DD to get framed for my mom's birthday on Friday 

    Put one load of laundry in dryer, fold and put away

    Change sheets (ours and DD's) 

    Pick up dry cleaning

    Go out to dinner :-) 



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  • Happy Birthday JCM! Hope you have a great day and rest!




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  • Take kids to park (done)

    Clean kids' bathroom

    Unload dishwasher

    Call pest service

    Fold laundry

  • For tomorrow...

    1. Go to the park with both kids. 

    2. Do the laundry.

    3. Clean kids' bathroom.

    4. Finish the cake I'm working on. (I'm a baker..)

    5. Tend the veggie garden.

    6. Go out with hubby for dinner!  

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