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headaches! please help

i had a c-section on the 23 of June, the past three nights i have woken up around the same time and have had pounding headaches for about 2 hours and eventually go away, now they are starting to come back during the day only not as painful just really annoying! also i wake up sweating but if i take off the blankets im hoping someone can help me and has gone through this before!? i hope im not the only one and someone can give me advice or give me a clue to why this is happening.

DH thinks that i may be dehydrated perhaps from breastfeeding....i think it may have to do with my hormones trying to figure out what the heck is going hoping its not something worse its freakin me out!

any help would be really great-thanks gals :)

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Re: headaches! please help

  • I had my Csection on the 4th of june and right after always had headaches.  I think that it was my spinal block that caused it.  This was my 4th baby and I had epi's and spinals with them and always ended up with headaches.  They will go away mine only lasted about 2 weeks.  the sweating is hormones getting straightened out.  It all goes away within time.  I hope that this helps you a bit.  wish I had a way to make them go away for you but I dont. 
  • thanks so much this does help. question, is there anything you took or used to help with pain?
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