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Spanish first (and middle names), boy and girl. HELP!

My sister is having twins, a boy and a girl. She married a Spaniard who's last name is Matamoros (mah-tah-mow-rows). We've been talking about first and middle names for a while but we seem to freeze and can't come up with anything. We've also looked online but they're not so nice and very old fashioned, so they'd be hard to pronounce here in the States. 

She's seven months along, so we have a good two months left to figure it out. But it'd be great if you guys could help us!

Thank you! =) 

PS. no Diego (dad's name), Guillermo (grandfather), Maria (grandmother).  

Re: Spanish first (and middle names), boy and girl. HELP!

  • Boys:


    Rafael (nn Rafi)











  • britabbritab
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    Chicos: Felipe, Dumar, Andres, Emiliano, Ivan, Patricio, Ramon, Ismael

    Chicas: Tatiana, Amelia, Ana, Eva, Paz, Pilar, Luz, Luna, Mirella, Ester, Susana, Liliana

    Most of these name I've met people in Spain or from Colombia with them. GL!

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  • Girls:

    Mariana, Isabel, Nadia, Eva, Elena, Carmen,


    Alejandro, Ramon, Cristo, Esteban, Marcos

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    I kind of have this issue! I'm from a latin country and my DH doesn't seem to think some names are an issue when I say them how someone who doesn't speak English would (of course since he doesn't speak Spanish). My girl name was Peyton, but my step mom (also latin) reminded me that when someone says that in spanish it could spoke like they are saying FART! Ugh, so difficult. Here are some boy & girl spanish names that go well in English & Spanish:GIRL: Adriana, Angelica, Camila, Carolina, Gabriela, Isabela, Liliana, Lorena, Valerie (Valeria)BOY: Alejandro, Armando, Carlos, Jaime, Javier, Jorge, Luis, Mario, Victor 

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  • My husband is from Spain too. Some names from his side of the family are:

    Reina/ Reyna, Marcos, Andr?s, Cruz, Yvette, Modesto, Carmelita, Cecelia, Cristiano, Lola, Emilio, Joaquin, Yesenia/Isenia, Estela, Raquel, Eva, Gabriela, Valentina, Gisela, Isabel, Rosalina/Rosario/Rosa, Sebasti?n, Esteban


  • smeyersmeyer member
    My boss is of Spanish decent and he and his wife named their daughter after the city his family is from, Sevilla.  Yes, she may have to correct people on occasion (Sev-ee-ya vs. Sev-ill-a) but most people with a basic grasp of the spanish language will pronounce her name correctly. 

  • I'll give you names from my family tree.

    Cristina, Ana, Leonardo, Sofia, Francesca, Javier, Miguel, Marisol, Belen, Carlos, Jose, Luis, and Lucia.


    Alejandra/Alejandro, Amaya, Anita, Emilio, Roberto

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  • I have a Mateo and get complimented on his name all.the.time.  LOVE his name soooo much!!!  I also have a Lucas (LOVE that name too) - not so much hispanic, but my IL's call him Luca (not that I like it, but it's an option)  We have also considered the names Benicio and Leonardo (Leo).  If I ever have a girl, I'm naming her Theresa.  Middle names we used Enrique, Miguel and we will use Marie (possibly Diane/Diana).

    ETA:  other possible girls names on the short list are Maya and Nadia

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  • Thank you so much, these names are really beautiful. You girls were so helpful! All these options really help us, thanks!! :)
  • A friend of mine named her baby luciana. I love it


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  • Boys:

    1. Mateo
    2. Carlos


    1. Isabel
    2. Selena


  • cruz and ana :)
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    First off, my sister and I would like to thank all of you for your great help.

    Second, we've narrowed it down to these options:

    For the girl- Isabella Sofia, or Luciana Elena.

    For the boy- Mateo Felipe, or Nicolas Esteban.

    We still have some work to do, which is the hardest part, choosing one for each.

    What do you girls think about these options? Give us your opinions, please! :)

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