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Canceled lunch on a friend because I feel like crap, and now I feel guilty

I mean, she knows I am 37 weeks pregnant but I still feel awful because I committed to these plans. :(

Basically, it is killing me to walk, I keep cr@pping, I wanna puke, and my energy level is at negative zero. But then I feel like, stop indulging yourself!
Wah. I also want to randomly break down in tears because I have no energy.

Am I a horrible person for cancelling? :(

Re: Canceled lunch on a friend because I feel like crap, and now I feel guilty

  • Not at all, People know your pregnant and they should understand that carrying all of that weight around is hard. Plus they know how close you are and how uncomfertable you must be. Its your time to relax and run the house from the couch. And if it makes you feel better you can even explain this to your friend, might help you feel better about the whole situation.

    Best wishes!

  • No not at all! You know your body and its limits and its not worth pushing yourself when you feel lousy. 

     Pre-pg I bet you were a get up and go girl and now you have to slow down and its a tough adjustment!

    At least thats how it is for me. I had to cancel on fire works last night because I didn't think I could walk down to where the display would be held.

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  • dont feel guilty! think of it this way, feeling the way you are would you really be that much fun to hang out with today? stay home and relax
  • No way!!! Don't feel bad for a second.  People should understand that sometimes we just need to sit our tired butts on the couch! 

    I have had more of a problem with people canceling on me...apparently they don't think I am any fun anymore or something.  I actually had a friend cancel on me less than an hour befoehand saying that she was "exhausted from teaching summer school" (which is only a few hours a day)!  I guess I'm not tired or anything since I'm 8 1/2 months pregnant and worked on my feet all day with toddlers? (enter sarcsm)

  • delg23delg23 member
    no way! She should bring you lunch at home! :D
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  • NO! Your pregnant! She should understand why you needed to cancel.
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  • No don't feel guilty - you need to do what you feel is best.  Sometimes I feel better though if I am out doing stuff instead of sitting around the house.  Like once you somewhere else you forget all about the aches and pains and aren't as tired!
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