3rd Trimester

I'm done.

Man, I just feel totally D-O-N-E.  And I feel really bad about it because I don't actually have much to complain about.  I'm feeling relatively good, actually, but I would just really like to not be pregnant anymore. I think it's a combo of the hot hot hot weather (I don't know how you southern ladies do it!) and the fact that NOTHING fits me anymore.  Plus, I was up for three hours two nights ago having contractions, which I thought *might* be "it," but, alas, no.  Please, please, remind me that it's not actually possible to stay pregnant forever.  :)

Re: I'm done.

  • im with you on this. and i feel guilty complaining, because this pregnancy has really been a breeze, but im just done. the heat is killing me, the nighttime pee's and staying up for hours are draining what little energy i have left and the ice cold showers i take 2 times a day do absolutly nothing because im sweating the minute i get out.
    i see my Dr today to book my section date and i am going to BEG him to take me at 37 weeks.. and i dont care how horrible that makes me..i've been reduced to begging and im fine with that.
  • I hear ya...I have been done for weeks. I feel bad complaining because it has been an easy pg overall, but I am just more sore this time around and not sleeping well....I am scared to death to have 2 kids...but so ready to meet this LO.
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  • I know what you mean someone please please send me some labor dust. lol
  • I'm right there with ya--I"m Done with a capital D. I also feel relatively ok--just totally uncomfortable. I'm huge, clothes don't fit, feet are swollen, I barely sleep at night bc I am alllllways hot or have to pee...

    I'm just really ready to not be PG anymore. I had a growth u/s Friday and the baby is big and my pelvis is small. I dont go to my OB till Wednesday, but if she even mentions the fact that the baby is getting bigger and may not fit, I'm going to beg for a c-section on Friday. I just can't take this anymore!

  • Me too.  Yesterday was bad.  I am ready to be done.  I have a dr. appt tomorrow.  I hope there has been more progress!

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