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Plus Size Moms..Baby Bumps?

I'm a plus sized gal...a size 24/26 and wondering when I should expect to see a real baby bump? My tummy is certainly getting harder but sometimes I feel left out when I look at all these cute bumps and mine's not there yet. So any plus sized Moms want to share when your bumps came and such. Cheer me up....Big Smile
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Re: Plus Size Moms..Baby Bumps?

  • I'm a size 16/18...I'm going to try to post a pic. I'm showing much earlier this time around than with DD, but I feel like I look more like 30 weeks instead of 18!

    This is me at 17weeks, 1day.


  • Awwwww! I love your bump! I can't wait to look pregnant and not just "feel" pregnant...;o)
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  • This time around, I've been wearing maternity shirts and letting people think my fat belly is a baby bump.  I try not to wear non-maternityh shirts because then I just look fat.

    I know I didn't answer your question....it realy is different for every person, whether they are heavy or thin!

  • image Baby Bouchard:
    Awwwww! I love your bump! I can't wait to look pregnant and not just "feel" pregnant...;o)

    Big Smile  Thank you! Sometimes I feel down on myself when I see all these cute little waisted bumps on here...and sometimes I feel like I just look fat (fatter?)...but then sometimes, I love my bump even if it's bigger than most this far along because of some fat on top of my bump. Don't worry - soon you'll have a cute bump and you'll take lots of pride in it!


  • I was a size 22 pp and honestly...not until the last couple of weeks have I noticed my belly getting rounder.  It has been hard for quite a while, but as far as noticing any difference in shape, I didnt notice till recently.  I dont have any pics to show you.  I just try to wear maternity looking shirts so that my belly "Looks" pregnant instead of fat.
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  • I'm size 24/26 pre-preg too.

    Check out my blog for belly pics.  I think my 30 week post has the collection from 4w to 30w.

    I started to get "fuller" in the top of my belly at about 16 weeks.


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  • I can't remember when it was with DS, but ditto what the other woman said about wearing maternity shirts (so your belly looks more pregnant than fat).  I think I was about half way through 2nd tri when I really noticed a bump for my first pregnancy.

    This time around, I swear I was huge by 12 weeks!  And although most of it was bloat, I didn't care. I wore maternity shirts as soon as I could.  :0)

  • I don't have a pic, but I am a 16/18 and you can tell I have a bump now- especially when I wear tight shirts.  I think it's been in the last 3-4 weeks. It seems like all the weight I've gained is going to my belly because my regular jeans still fit. 
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  • I'll try to post a pic tomorrow (I'm an 18/20 pp) but ditto the maternity shirts. I'm about 18 wks now and it's only been in the past week or two that I've started to look pregnant.
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  • Coolim a 20 and i say i started noticing a bump last week. im 18 weeks. however to people who don't know me i probably look more fat vs prego.

     i feel you though i been feeling the exact same way...

    another downer... bein plus we'll feel baby move much later than smaller women.

    but oh well im still sexy! Cool

  • I'm around a size 12/14. I felt like I had an "obvious" bump at 19 weeks. Here's a picture from my last bump day picture (we do them every 5 weeks). However, I still get people that don't realize and I guess just think I'm fat. But I think its becoming more unmistakable.

    Sorry you have to scroll over...I just don't have the energy to fix it. Stick out tongue


    My little momma dog Pixie (we found her pregnant last October) wanted to be in the picture too!

  • I didn't get a noticable bump until 24-25 weeks(I'm a 16 pre-pregnancy).I also have a really long torso though so I think that may have also made a difference.I didn't start getting the "look,shes pregnant"looks from strangers until the past week or so.

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  • I was a 26/28 pre pregnancy. I got noticeably pregnant comments around 16-18wks. I am almost 6ft tall and have read that it all depends on your body shape. Grab a shirt with an empire type waist that cups under your breasts and you'll definitely feel and possibly look more preggo to other people!
  • I was a 14 and now I'm up to a size 16 but I been showin since I was 4 months my thing is my belly button didn't pop out yet and I wanna know wen will it...if neone know y pls tell me and lemme kno but I enjoy being pregnant and my baby boy nasir is due nov 8 
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  • I am 36 weeks, and my belly button never popped.
  • This is such a bittersweet thing to read lol. I'm a 22/24, gained about twenty pounds last time I was pregnant that never went away, but I was really hoping to have my baby bump by four months. I always thought I was crazy for getting upset at all the skinny girls with their bumos, so glad I'm not the only one! I must say though, I can't help but rub my belly like every other pregnant girl does... People must think I have wicked stomach issues lol. Good luck to all of you with your bumps!

  • I have the same feelings. I'm a 22/24 and at 20 wks only really look pregnant at all when I wear maternity tops.  I know strangers just think I'm fat(ter) ... and no one ever offers me their seat on the subway ... but it is what it is.  I'm sort of jealous of girls who are showing more ... but I'm more jealous of those who are feeling kicks and stuff already.  I guess I'm surprised that being plus size really effects the timing of that ... I mean, don't we all have the same nerves and stuff???  Hmmm ....
  • I'm the same size (22/24, 5'10") but 21 weeks, I just look fatter to most people, but I've been feeling some movement since 14 weeks.
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