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does milk supply go up and down? those that pump may know better.

i ebf directly from the breast but on top of that pump 16 oz per day. Something really strange happend the last week or so and I have only been pumping 12 oz max. That's a 25% decrease and is a LOT... do those that pump have this happen to them too? Does it come back w/o you having to take fenugreek/oatmeal etc or does your supply just change at some points? I'm ok because I have such an oversupply, but I'm also a greedy milk maker, and I'm really bummed about this change. Let me know what you think.

Re: does milk supply go up and down? those that pump may know better.

  • I ebf & usually only pump when I'm engorged or will be away during a feeding but I can tell a diff in how full my boobs get based on how much I've eaten/drank & my activity level. Have you changed anything like that?

  • I had my supply go down when I had a bout with mastitis.  I ended up having to take a fenugreek supplement to help me out.  Overall, I think the supply just fluctuates depending on hormones.  I've heard that your period will make your supply decrease a little bit.  I would say wait it out a little bit, but if you're really worried, call a LC.  They might have some suggestions.
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