3rd Trimester

Kailyn is here 3 weeks and 1 day early and pain med free!

I have some time to write since they took my little girl to the nursery for her pediatrician to check her out. I will try to make this as short as possible!

So, woke up yesterday morning around 3 with some cramping, watched a little bit of tv and fell back asleep.  My husband went to work around 5 and I ended up waking up around 5:30 with more cramping.  I went pee and had some blood in the toilet and fluid on my underwear.  Called the on call OB and he told me to head to the hospital.  I figured it was nothing and I would be sent home, just my mucus plug and some cramping.  I got to the hospital around 6:50 and they hooked me up to the machines, my OB came in around 8 when I was having pretty consistent contractions.  I was measuring 4-5 centimeters an my water was leaking.  She told me we would have the baby by lunch time (yea right! lol!).  So I called my husband to have him leave work since we were going to be having a baby sometime that day!  Around 10AM I was checked again and I was at about 6 centimeters and the contractions were getting unbearable.  At about 10:50AM I was feeling so much pressure and thought I had to poop real bad, I really thought to myself at this point there is no way I can tolerate this pain, I need an epi, but I fought those feelings, well, good thing because I was measuring at 10 centimeters and baby was ready to come.  I started pushing around 11AM and 4 pushes later my beautiful baby, Kailyn, graced us with her presence at 11:19AM.  She weighed 6lbs 13ozs and measured at 18ins long!

I did end up with a category 2 tear (I guess they are ranked from 0-4) so not too bad, the worse part was her giving me the shots to numb before the stitches, I did not even know I tore!

I am still in awe with everything!  I can't believe I was actually able to go without any pain meds.  That was my plan from the beginning but it's still shocking to believe I was able to do it especially when so many doubted me! I also can't believe how quick my labor and delivery was! They say the average first delivery is about 20 hours with possible pushing for an hour! Boy am I lucky! And lastly I  am just in shock that my baby girl wasn't supposed to be here for another 3 weeks and we will hopefully be bringing her home today! What a surreal experience!  I feel very very blessed!

Pic was taken this morning


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