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labor to come soon?

I went to the dr yesterday and im 35 1/2 weeks and she was surprised to find that im already 50% thinned and 2cm dialated. my mom was known for early babies and the dr told me to take it easy and essentially do nothing for the next two weeks to get baby to full term. Does this mean hes coming early?

Re: labor to come soon?

  • Not if you rest and it is possible even if you don't he wont come early. I have been 5cm dilated 50% thinned out for over 3 weeks and baby is still not here. Baby will come when baby is ready hopefully you will make it to full term.
  •  I went on Wed and I was 80% effaced and  almost 3 cm dialted.. and so far nothing... pregnancy is so unpredicatable. My mom said she went to the doctors and wasn't dialted at all  and they said they didnt expect me to come for a nother week..  I was born that night. Everything is individual. Its too bad they didnt have a pregnancy test that you coudl take and tell you when your baby is comming!
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    I went into PTL at 32wks and ended up 3cm and 80% effaced and stayed there till around 36wks... Like PP said take it easy and follow your Dr's instructions and your LO should keep cooking no problem! Good luck!

  • see my fear is my mom with all three kids didnt feel her contractions with my brothers including her first! her water broke so she knew. With me she was at work and felt kind of weird so decided to get checked out. we were all born less than 30 min of her starting to feel something different. My middle brother didnt even make it to the hosptial! i get so worried that i wont have a clue then next thing i know ill be delivering with no one there with me!
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