3rd Trimester

LO's first outing...???

When would be LO's first outing??? 

How early??? 

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Re: LO's first outing...???

  • I'm due in 15 days, and we're going to a wedding 5 hours away in mid-September.  That'll be the first "big" trip with LO.

    I'm sure he'll leave the house before then, but he'll be around 2 months old for our first big trip.

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  • Walking the dog as soon as I feel up to walking :)
  • The pediatricians office for his check-up.  We don't really go anywhere other than that for the first month, not even the grocery store or Target.

    DH may take him for a walk around the block or something, but that's about it.

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  • as soon as i'm up for going out
  • i should add though that the first away trip will be labor day weekend to my parents boat 5.5 hrs away.
  • I will take her to my mom's house and DH's parents houses fairly quickly (like after the 1st week), but I wont take her to restaurants/malls/the food store etc till 6 weeks or so.

    I plan to take her for walks as soon as I physically can.

  • I'm not sure.  My brother is getting married 12 days after my scheduled induction & he doesn't understand why I keep saying that we might not make it.  I think that's way too soon for the baby to be around so many people, and probably too soon for me to want to go anywhere, but I guess if we feel up to it we might make an appearance.  At least it's a local wedding!

    Other than that I think we'll be homebodies for a while.  I'm kind of terrified of taking LO around a bunch of people before his first shots.

  • keep in mind: if you're breastfeeding... you LO's immune system is as good as yours! 
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    i should add though that the first away trip will be labor day weekend to my parents boat 5.5 hrs away.


    This. Can't wait for the rest of my family to meet LO. We are excited. As long as the pediatrician says its ok, we will be making trips home at least Once a month.

  • My c-section is scheduled for the 9th, I expect to be released from the hospital on the 12th, we will have a follow up appointment on the 14th, my mom flies in on the night of the 14th, I think I will probably take little one with me to the airport to pick up my mom that night.  It's about an hour and a half drive to the airport and we'll probably stop at a restaurant after we pick her up...so 5 days to the airport and a restaurant.  We will probably go to church on the 18th so church at 9 days.
  • Soon My grandfathers 80th birthday is on the 18th I'm due the 16th so maybe as early as that however I will not be passing her around to anyone I will make it clear that they can come visit her at another time when there are less people to worry about washing hands etc.. I also do not plan on staying very long just enough to say Happy birthday. We also may be going to San Diego the end of July for 2 days and I might bring her along then but its up to DH if he wants to make it a family trip or not I do have family there so It might be nice to visit for a day with them for me :) I am fairly certain she is coming early due to the increase in BH and severity along with the Dr saying he doubts ill make my due date.
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  • More then likely on the way home from the hsp.  On the way home with my DS we stopped and ate out and I have a good feeling we will do that again on our way home. I went out with the baby from the get go.  No waiting at home for him to hit a few weeks old and I doubt I will do so this go round either.  My DS is way to active to be at the house all the time so I am sure we will be at parks and the water parks within 2 weeks at the most.
  • We'll be bringing LO out on the boat probably sometime in the first week or two. Our parents did it with us when we were born and me and DH are just fine. He'll have plenty of shade, sunscreen, and flotation devices.

    I'm sure we'll also be out to eat and grocery shopping that first week. I have no problem with the idea of bringing him around people right away, just as long as everyone keeps their hands to themselves. 

  • Either her first check up or on a walk around the neighborhood. I can't wait to be active since being on bedrest for so long.

    We are going away for 3-4 nights to the San Juan Islands when she is about 2 weeks old. That will be her first big getaway.

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