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Hemroids ?! ...

DS dropped around 33 weeks and I have had a lot of pressure in my bottom since then and the past few days my bottom has been real sore... could this be the start of hemriods  or just sore from all the pressure ??? I have heard all kinds of hemroid horror stories and I am really hoping it is just from DS being so low... TIA

(Sorry if TMI for some... But I have realized when talking to other pregnant women TMI just goes right out the window. lol )


PS - Any ideas to prevent or get rid of hemroids would be greatly appreciated!

Re: Hemroids ?! ...

  • You'll know if you have a hemmie if you are bleeding from the anus after a poop.  They can also itch and burn.

    To help treat them, you can use prep-h, cortaid creams, and tukss pads.

    To prevent/help heal them you can use stool softeners (not laxatives), citrucel fiber drink mixes, eat more fiber, and don't sit on the toilet for ever waiting to poop. 

    Some hemmies heal and go away, some that are big and hang outside the anal opening can be surgically removed if they are problematic after the baby arrives.


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  • So, I am 36 weeks pregnant tomorrow and am pretty sure I have had them for a couple weeks. Mine dont feel like pressure though.....they mostly just itch occassionally and burn when I wipe. I havnt tried anything to make them feel better...I think because I am totally in denial that this is actually happening to me. But I was in the grovery store today and wanted nothing more than to scratch...and of course could not. BUT, I may be looking into some wipes here this week for some relief since I dont think I can ignor it much longer.

    Sorry you are feeling the pain too....just such an embarrasing thing.


  • These are awful. I've had one since I had DS 11 years ago. I recently acquired a new one. I use a tuck pad and then cream after I go to the bathroom to relieve the itching and burning.
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    Sorry you are feeling the pain too....just such an embarrasing thing.

    I told my DH the other day "I think I'm having butt troubles"..... I didn't want to admit or say it out loud that they may be/are hemroids. I sucked it up and bought some Tucks pads today at Target... hopefully they work! GL Ladies!!

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  • a lot of women feel that "pressure down there" feeling when the baby gets heavier.  It isn't necessarily hemorrhoids.  
  • this may sound gross, but it was obvious I had one when I looked in the mirror and could actually see it. I had to go online to look at other pictures of them to make sure I knew what I was looking at. They are just horrible and so painful! Luckily, I've found that I have flare ups that last a few days and then the pain subsides until the next time. Good luck!
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