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my baby won't sleep during the day

my baby girl is 2 weeks, 2 days, and fights sleep during the day like nobody's business.  she'll nod off, totally out, and then force her little eyes her open to look around.  this can go on for hours, and if i set her down, she starts screaming after a few minutes.  and then once she finally does fall asleep, if i set her down she won't sleep more than about 30 min, 1 hr if i'm really lucky.  i've tried the bouncy, the swing, swaddled, unswaddled, pacifier, boob - it's all the same story.  unless she's being held, in the car, or walking in the stroller, she's up and crying, still tired after hardly any time at all.  the moby works occasionally, but i can't shower in the moby!

anyone else have a sleepy, stubborn, lo?  any advice?  what's working for you?

tia!  :-) 

Re: my baby won't sleep during the day

  • Yep, we seem to be having this problem too. She's such a light napper these days - the slightest sudden noise and she wakes up crying. Falls back asleep the instant I pick her up but I'd like her to stay asleep in her bassinet a little during the day!No problems at night (knock on wood!).

    I'm wondering if she's not tired enough when I put her down . . . even though she's fallen asleep at that point. 

  • I don't know if this will work for your LO, but have you tried wearing her? I have a Moby and my life has been so much better since I got it. I wear LO around the house and she falls dead asleep in it. It is fantastic. I would look into other baby wearing methods too. It has really helped her take naps during the day.
  • Moby = Instant Nap

     Sometimes for 3 hours!

  • Moby was a god send for dealing with my son when he was colic. In the warm weather it is to hot for both of us so I switch to a Baby Bjorn style carrier. I can work for hours on end and he sleeps soundly while I'm wearing him. I think it helps him rock back to sleep when he half wakes up but it also lets him get a burp out and then fall back asleep since he's vertical. I'm looking forward to using the Moby again when it's cool enough this fall.

     Not to discourage you but my son is now almost three months old and still doesn't nap more than an hour unless he's on the move with me. It's not that unusual from what I hear. 

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