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Statistics on pitocin and c-sections?

I was trying to look this statistic up but haven't found a really good resource.  

Any recommendations? 

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Re: Statistics on pitocin and c-sections?

  • I wouldn't mind seeing some stats on that myself.

    I'll let you know if I find anything.

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  • There are a lot of random statistics out there, but the one that seems to pop up is that, for first time moms, being induced doubles your chance of having a c-section.

    Here's a quote from a Reuters article:

    In a study of 7,800 first-time mothers who gave birth at one U.S. medical center, researchers found that those who had their labor induced were twice as likely to ultimately need a C-section.Of all women in the study, 44 percent had their labor induced -- and the researchers estimate that failed induction accounted for 20 percent of the C-sections performed. .....Even among the 4,600 women in the study considered "low risk" for needing a labor induction -- because they were not post-term, were free of diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity, and the fetus was not overly large -- 29 percent had their labor induced. (The portion of those that were elective was not reported.)

    Among these low-risk women, one-quarter of those who had a labor induction ended up needing a C-section, versus 14 percent of those who had a natural labor.

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  • I would ask your OB too.
  • Google Bishop's Score and you can calculate yours (or ask your OB to).  This is more of an indicator of increased risk of c-section.  My OB on't induce until my bishop score is 6....I am at a 5 right now.

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