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Anyone NOT have a nursery?

DH and I are in a one bedroom apartment and we are stuck here because we can't sign a one year lease with another place since we are probably moving out of state in January.

We were going to have the baby in our bedroom for several months anyway but I have to admit I am a little sad that I don't have a nursery to decorate.

Right now I am trying to make more space and rearrange things to make room for the baby but I can't wait to have more room.

Anyone else not have a nursery? What are you doing instead?

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Re: Anyone NOT have a nursery?

  • We currently live in a two-bedroom townhouse. We have a room and DS has a room. She is due in November and will be in our room with us until we move in July. I am a little sad that I don't have a nursery to get ready for her now, but I know I'll get to do it eventually :)
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  • I have a friend who is stuck in a 1 bedroom apartment right now too.. there's not even room for a crib, so LO will be sleeping in a pack n play in their room. They got a tiny dresser, and are trying to make due with the space. She is a little bummed about not being able to really set up and decorate a nursery, but over all they are doing very well with what they have.
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  • image KTH919:
    We currently live in a two-bedroom townhouse. We have a room and DS has a room. She is due in November and will be in our room with us until we move in July. I am a little sad that I don't have a nursery to get ready for her now, but I know I'll get to do it eventually :)

    Good attitude! I am going to do what I can with her "wall" in our bedroom. =) 

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  • image kg_08:
    I have a friend who is stuck in a 1 bedroom apartment right now too.. there's not even room for a crib, so LO will be sleeping in a pack n play in their room. They got a tiny dresser, and are trying to make due with the space. She is a little bummed about not being able to really set up and decorate a nursery, but over all they are doing very well with what they have.

    Yep we got a PNP for our room. We thought about an Ikea crib because they are pretty small but the PNP will be useful and I like that it has a changing station. We need to get a small dresser still. I want to buy some decor for the wall at least.

    Glad to know I'm not alone!

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  • We are in a 2 bedroom apartment. My DS has a room and we have a room so we are also trying to figure out how to decorate "her wall" because her crib will be in our room but half of my sons closet will he hers- it's HUGE thankfully!  I wanted to do a nursery because my ExH and I were in a one bedroom and never got to do a nursery for my DS. Now that he's older I'm finding it easier because I can decorate it with things he likes.
  • We are in a 2 bedroom apartment but we're moving in March and baby is due December. I just think it'll be a waste to decorate the room to then turn around and pack it it 2 months later. I'm a little bummed out that the baby won't have a nursery right away, but as soon as we move to the new place I'll fix the room.
  • I live in a two bedroom house, and its super small.  I am the same and was going to have the baby in our room anyways, but in our extra room we have the computer desk and all that stuff (the rooms are small too) and everything is so crowded.  I am the same as you and I'm kind of sad that I don't have a room for her to decorate.  My 1 year lease here ends in September (in which I am due at the beginning) we have to move cause there is just no room.  I'm with ya though it makes you kind of sad. I'm just  trying to make as much room as possible and do the best we can for now with space until we can move.


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  • We don't have one either. Our apartment is in the basement and they've built a room around the furnace, so when you walk into the house its all open concept except theres a 'room' towards the back that comes out halfway across and our bedroom is behind it. Its hard to describe but there's a giant corner in the back and that's where we're putting the baby, we cleared out our dressers from that spot and we're making that like a nursery. We're going to put a curtain across from where the furnace room ends to extend that 'wall' so it will be private.
  • I'm also in a one bedroom apartment.I'm due in september and our lease is up in january.We're in the process of overcrowding the living room a tiny bit to put a crib and small dresser in our room.I'm a little disappointed to not have a nursery,but figure in the longrun,we'll be just as happy whether or not we have a nursery.

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  • Well, now I feel thankful to have an extra bedroom for baby. We've lived in our house for quite awhile -- but we left the previous owners nursery alone. The walls are white and there are stenciled "m & m people" on the longest wall.

    At first I thought it was soooo cute (their little girl was two or three) but now I think it's kinda creepy. Hubs and I have actually argued about whether to change it (me) or keep it (him.)

    However,. after reading some of your comments I have decided that I am just thankful for the bedroom and that it doesn't really matter that much what's on walls.

    GL to ladies who are dealing with issues of space. Thinking of you!

  • Also, since things get misread on here I would like to explain that I am not bragging about having space. Yes, we have 3 bedrooms and this is our first baby, but we have NO garage, drafty windows, and only 1 bathroom.

    Life isn't allll that over here, either. Paradise

  • When I was pregnant with DD we were in a one bedroom like you are. Our lease wasn't up until she was 5 months old. We had a very large master bedroom so we kind of gave her a wall with her crib and changing table/dresser. I decided to do a theme of Curious George... I framed a few CG prints, her crib sheets were red or yellow, and then I had the changing pad covered in red or yellow. When we moved to our new apartment when DD was 5 months old, she had her own place, but I never really went all-out decorating until we moved to the next place when she was 2.5. THEN we really started to decorate.

    We're in a 3BR now, but one of those bedrooms is a sound/recording studio for DH so it can't be converted into a nursery. I dream about nursery themes, and I know that it would be fun... but I'm content with not having a nursery for this baby, either. DD slept in our room for a year (well, for the first 5 months she slept all night long in our room, and when we moved she'd sleep about half the night in our room)... so I'm content with waiting until the baby's at least that old before we change things up. Again this time around the baby will have a wall... and a little theme (I think I'm going beach-ish). I've got some seashell prints, I'm going to do natural/sand-colored sheets, I've got a crib skirt that reminds me of the beach (blue, tan, brown, sea green stripes), etc.

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  • DH and I are in a one bedroom until at least November, when our lease it up. We will play it by ear after that.

    Originally I was bummed about not getting to set up a nursery, but a crib fits just fine in our room. I realized that I was saving a whole bunch of money by not decorating a nursery, the LO won't know the difference, and it's very common in the area we live in to have babies in one-bedrooms. We live near the beach in a more expensive area, so it's mostly condo and apartment living...

    You'll be fine!

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  • I'm in the same boat.  1 bedroom apartment but we're lucky to have a large bedroom that we can fit a full size crib in.  We'll also have a dresser/changing table in the living room.  I'm disappointed too that I won't have a nursery to decorate, but I know I'll eventually get the chance.  I definitely understand how you feel.
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  • can i just say that i love this post?  i'm so glad i'm not alone!
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  • We will be (hopefully) moving in January. The baby's room will not be touched because she will be sleeping in our room for a while. We will set up a nice nursery in our new place. I am totally OK with this, I haven't felt like decorating :)

  • We didn't have a nursery with our first (same situation as you!) and even though we're in a four bedroom house now, we won't have a nursery with our third. (one child in each bedroom and the fourth bedroom is in the attic) But it's still fun to pick out cribs/pack and plays/bassinets/bedding/ clothes/ etc. I enjoyed setting up mini diaper changing stations around the apartment complete with extra changes of clothes and pacifiers. I also enjoyed organizing clothes/burp clothes/diapers, etc. onto a little shelf with baskets right next to the pack and play! There's so much to prepare for even if you don't have a nursery! Don't be down, be creative.!

     Also: I started the scrap book before baby was born, which made keeping up with pictures, milestones, etc. much easier.



  • We live in a 2 bedroom townhouse & already have a daughter so our LO will be going in our room til he's about 6 months old then we'll move him into her room. I have a wall set up for him with his crib against it, changing table & wall deco hanging above. I don't think having a nursery is a big deal.


  • Us!  so and I are combining houses.  we're selling mine this year and then will sell his next year.  at that point we'll get our house.  in the meantime we'll have 6 people in a 4 bedroom house (mine's only 3).  rather than making the bigger kids share a room right away we'll have baby in our room.

    I have the crib and dresser/chaning table combo from ds so that will just go in our room.  I still got to pick cute bedding though!

  • We are also moving within a month the the baby being born, so we aren't setting up a nursery in our apartment. We will just put a pack n play with a bassinet in our room until after the move. We may not even buy the crib and nursery furniture until later to avoid having to move it. I am having those nesting urges to get everything set up and prepared for the baby. I am just making lists and choosing what we really need before the baby comes.  
  • I live in a 600 square foot one bedroom apartment in Manhattan. There isn't even a dining area. We're trying to figure out what to do. Our choices are - upgrade to the larger 1 BR w/home office in our building, which would be MUCH more comfortable but costs an extra $1000/month - OR - get rid of our loveseat and some other furniture and try to make due in our current place. On one hand, I would love to move and get everything set up BEFORE the baby comes so that I won't have to deal with packing and moving with the baby, but on the other hand, if we can last 6 months or so with the baby in our current place, then we can save $6,000.
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  • We are in a one-bedroom loft with no real doors or walls (except for the bathrooms) and a 20'x6' wall of windows, meaning our place is never dark. We are hoping to loft our bed in the bedroom and put the nursery under it. And by nursery, I mean a dark, quiet place that is only big enough for a crib and maybe a small dresser. And yes, we're having a licensed architect design it so it will comply with all the necessary building and safety regulations.
  • We are in the same situation. We're stuck in our current lease till January and our lil guy is due Sept. 29th. There is a space in our room that fits the pack & play with the bassinet perfectly so we're just gonna stick with that for a while. i am gonna hang this removable border on that wall to make it feel a lil more baby-ish, but other than that i'm not stressin not having a proper nursery. my mom never gave us nurseries. Once we move my dad has furniture picked out for the nursery but that will be the grandparent thing. if i were having a girl though, i think i might be disappointed to not be able to decorate...lol
  • We're also in a 1 bedroom & stuck in the lease.  We decided to scrap the living room furniture, buy an extra large futon & turn our bedroom into the nursery.  No way I'm not missing out decorating a nursery for my first baby!  Eventually we'll move into a 2 bedroom but until we can this will be just perfect!  = )
  • We have a 2 bedroom loft apartment and we sleep in the upstairs bedroom.  I guess we could set up the downstairs bedroom as a nursey, but then I'd be running up and down the stairs multiple times a night.

    I think we'll just put the crib and dresser in our loft bedroom.  It's only temporary, we'll be moving about 9 months after the baby is born.  It does make me a little sad, though, that we won't really be able to decorate that much.

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  • We do not have a nursery either.  I am moved in with my mother because she is terminally ill and needs to be cared for and my brother lives too far away.  To make room for us, she gave up her master bedroom and moved into my old room!  It is big enough to put a crib in for right now and there is some dresser space to place her clothes in.  I am due in September and hopefully by the end of the year, we will be able to move into our own place and my mother will be better. But don't let it get you down, after all women in the olden days didn't have a nursery for the baby, they just slept in their rooms.  When life give you lemons, just make a big pitcher of lemonade and enjoy!
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  • We rent a 2 bdrm house but are going to move next July.  The baby will be here in March and will just have to stay in our room until we move.  When we move, then I'll decorate the nursery.  I just don't want to expend all of that energy... twice!!!  The baby won't know that it didn't have an adorable nursery right away.  It will be fine to wait a few months :)


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  • we lived in a one bedroom house when i was pregnant with our first. i was really sad about the nursery thing so i made the dining room her nursery. took out the table and everything and just set it up as if it was her room. im sure it looked a lil strange but it actually worked out great..
  • We're in a one bedroom apartment as well. And we're actually moving to another 1 bedroom apartment 4 days after our little guy's due date. We wanted to move to a 2 bedroom but 1 is all we can afford right now so we'll make it work. He'll just be in our room with us for awhile. It's a pretty big room so although it's a huge bummer not to have a nursery to decorate and stuff, he'll be close by and for awhile, it might even be easier having him right there by us.
  • Me!

    No nursery, the current computer/office room will do with some rearranging. We're ok with smaller space, I'm sure the baby won't complain!

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