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UC ?

For those doing UC, how did/are you preparing for the birth?
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Re: UC ?

  • jenairjenair
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    not UC'ing but gooo you!

    i have a friend in alaska who is going for #2 <3

  • There is a really awesome forum on about UC, there are a whole bunch of links and an awesome book that you can read online.


    I was planning to go unassisted with this baby but ended up having a miscarriage, so I've done about 2 motnhs worth of research and am giving it a rest for now ( :

    You can do it!

  • I am doing lot's of reading and research. Laura Shanley's website also has a message board with LOTS of amazing ladies that are more than helpful!

    Any specific areas that you are asking about? Like supplies, or something else.

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