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How long did you wait before starting gym again?

I had a vaginal delivery-how long are you supposed to wait before working out? It will be 2 weeks tomorrow. 

Re: How long did you wait before starting gym again?

  • I'm waiting a good 6 weeks... but I also had A LOT of tears and stitches. I did a few "test" lunges yesterday and I'm definitely not ready to engage in any type of exercise yet. Its different for all women :)
  • I had a 3rd degree tear, and I ran for the first time a few days ago.  My LO is 4 weeks today.  My girl parts felt legs were a different story.  Wow...out of shape!!!
  • 6 weeks, don't want to take any chances.  I am walking so my legs are ready to run as soon as I get cleared.  I will start with resistance bands at 6 weeks as well.
  • I'm walking but I'm not hitting the gym yet although I want to.  It's been 3 weeks & I had 2nd degree tears.
  • I had 2nd degree tearing. I walked and did yoga to home for the 1st few weeks. I just started back at the gym yesterday.
  • I started running again at 4 wks.  I had a second degree tear & didn't feel sore down there anymore.  Bleeding was way less (almost nothing) at that point for me, too.
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  • I haven't been back to the actual gym yet - but starting at around 3 weeks I started doing strength exercises.  Then last week (almost 4 weeks) I kicked it up a notch and started doing the 30 day shred (not every day), random exercise tv programs and walking on the treadmill combined with strength exercises.  This week I added jogging for a minute here and there in my walking.  After today though, I feel a little bit sore "down there" - so am going to slow it down a little bit.  I only had minor abrasions during delivery so am kinda surprised I would get sore again - but I'm going to listen to my body and try not to be too impatient!
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