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What's the best favor you've ever received?

My mom and sister are hosting my shower in August and I told them I'd like to get the favors. I like the idea of the "thank you" coming from me as well as giving my mom and sister one less thing to do. I've never received a favor that I actually wanted to take home... I really dislike things that are so baby-related (bottle shaped candles, baby carriage soap, etc) that no one wants them and I'm trying to think of things people would actually like. Should I just go the edible route or do you ladies have any better, more creative suggestions? Thanks!

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Re: favors people will actually like

  • At my wedding shower my aunts had a bunch of $5 gift cards to different coffee shops, but that could get pricey if you have a lot of guests.

    At a recent shower we all got reusable totes.  They roll up really small to fit in your purse, but are really roomy when undone.

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  • Food!  Maybe tea bags or fair trade type foods...coffees, etc. 
  • Friends threw a surprise shower for me a few weeks ago and had a Nursery Rhyme theme.  They gave everyone three cookie cutters - a moon, dog, and cow.  I thought it was adorable.  You could do some sort of cookie cutter - a heart or star - something psuedo-baby related.
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  • food or candy is always good... one shower I was at each guest got a yankee candle votive with ribbon and a tiny note attached.  it was very nice, they had a few scents to choose from.  I think everyone really enjoyed them.
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  • My vote is always for something edible.....I also enjoy candles.
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  • I don't know how crafty you are but making home made candles is fun and are made from the heart put a note and a ribbon on them would be cute. My mom always gets cool gifts to play games and no one can win twice so it's fair if you can come up with enough games everyone gets a gift
  • At my family shower they gave out chocolate-covered sunflower seeds in little jars similar to baby food jars.  The colors coordinated with the shower colors.
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  • The best ones were always the edible ones.  My very favorite was some chocolate truffles.  Mmmmm
  • we made pies in a jar for favors at my shower. i thought they would tank but everyone loved them. we've had guests asking us to make another batch and mail them out. 
  • edible is best!


    chocolate lollypops

    cut-out cookies

    cookie pops

    maple sugar candy


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  • Edible is the only thing you can take home but won't throw on a shelf or in a drawer - my fave so far was a friend who made sugar cookies in the shape of a onesie and decorated with royal icing. Put them in a little clear bag, and it's cute/decorative, but still "useful."

     Think about how smell sensitive you are right now before going the candle route - I'm pretty picky about scents to begin with, and lately most candles (and lotions, perfumes, etc) just make me ill and go in the trash.

     Also don't feel like you HAVE to give a favor. I've never left a wedding or shower upset that I didn't get a stupid expensive token to take home. Spend the $$ on the food or beverage, that's more important. :)

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  • Edible!!! 

    My hostess on Saturday had little popcorn boxes that said "ready to pop" with a silhouette of a pregnant woman - and jelly bellies or chocolate covered raisins inside.

    I hate any favor that I can't eat because it is something I have to find a home for.  I even balk at the idea of candles, because people have VERY different ideas of candles they would like/use (especially if they have a theme on the outside or a stinky scent).



  • Edible favors like cookies or candies are cute and most people appreciate them.  You could do pink or blue, depending on the sex (or if you're team green, both).
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  • Just had my shower this past weekend and my sister was in charge of the favors.  She did 2 favors for each guest.  First she bought pink bars of soap from Bath and Body works (Sweet Pea I think) for $1 during the semi-annual sale and then put some ribbon around them and a sticker saying "From xx's shower to yours".  Then she made little bags of choc covered pretzels which she decorated with pink and purple chocolate since I am having a girl.  Both were a hit b/c they are both something that would be used and you don't have to find a place to stash them.

  • I read once on here about giving out nail polish with a girly name (It was OPI) which I thought was cute.  Not edible but still useful. 
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  • Ive thrown many showers and these are a few favors ive done. I bought a butterfly and flower cookie cutter, round tulle  and personalized m&ms. placed the cookie cutter on the tulle and filled it with m&ms then tied it with a ribbon and tag. Ive done a mini white ceramic piggy bank and filled it with hershey kisses with a small circle label on the bottom of each kiss and tied a colored ribbon with a thank you tag. I also did the "Gratest Mom" cheese grater that looks like a pregnant lady until you open the box and its a normal cheese grater. I use my extra ones all the time. It takes some time but google unique shower favors and it will five you some ideas.. Some thing great will come to you.
  • My friend gave out baby pink colored nail polish and made labels for the bottles.  It was cute.
  • I wanted to buy the little tea cup candles.  I think they are so cute, but I have no idea what the theme is going to be for mine.  I would love to help out, but I was told to just sit back and relax.  I love candles or anything fragrant for the home.

    I love the cookie cutter theme idea!  In my opinion, you can never go wrong with edibles!  I am hoping that my grandma will make a HUGE batch of her deliciously awesome cookies...I would scarf those the whole time AND have some for later.  (I tried to make them myself, and I'm not pro yet...but I'm getting closer!)

    I never would have thought about the nail polish!  I love that idea!  I am going to see if that will be something I could do, and find a cute name like "Tickled Pink" or "Baby of Mine".  Hahahaha.


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  • Bags of Hershey's Hugs and Kisses with a tag "Thank you for coming to my shower. Hugs and Kisses, Baby __"


    Edible is always good.

  • My shower is going to be in August and we wanted to get favors that people will actually USE and not donate or try to find a home for so we are giving everyone a Basil Plant :)  we will put foil around the bottom with a ribbon and everyone will take one home!  So def think something edible is a great way to go! :)
  • My shower is going to be in August and we wanted to get favors that people will actually USE and not donate or try to find a home for so we are giving everyone a Basil Plant :)  we will put foil around the bottom with a ribbon and everyone will take one home!  So def think something edible is a great way to go! :) You can go to a nursery and buy flats of them at a VERY discounted price!
  • For my shower my sister got little flower pots with a small plant inside and ribbon around it will my shower date. They were a big hit, everyone was trying to sneak an extra for friends. 
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