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For your enjoyment...inappropriate comment theater!

This was actually my response to another post, but after a minute I thought it might give some of you a laugh. Sort of a "kids say the darndest things" type deal:)


I spent all year teaching 6th grade. 12 year olds are the masters of inappropriate questions, offensive comments, and unwanted belly touching. Thankfully I've always been very thick skinned and it doesn't bother me. It also makes me impervious to the comments of others. Here are some of my favorite student comments to give you laugh!

#1- Girl comes up to me at about 25 weeks. "You're getting chubbier, especially in the face! My sister is more pregnant than you though...you are going to get SO fat by the time you're done!"

#2- Girl touches my belly. I ask her to stop and she replies "Sorry, it's just the biggest belly I've ever seen and I wanted to know what it felt like!"

#3- At about 35 weeks a boy sees my belly move. "Holy crap! Did the baby just kick? I saw it! That's disgusting."

#4- At about 30 weeks a girl brings me a diagram of a pregnant woman's uterus and internal organs that she had to color in human growth and development class. She says "I don't want to gross you out, but we (read: other students) were talking about it, and do you know this is what you look like on the inside!? Your baby probably looks like an alien right now."

#5- Boy: Your not having your baby until summer break, right?
Me: Yeah, why?
Boy: I just don't want you to have a sub.
Me: Welll that's nice of you.
Boy: And I don't want your water to break in class. I saw it in a movie once. I think that might make me barf.

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