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Finally my turn came!! (Long)

I don't post a lot on here but really enjoyed reading everyone's birth stories so here's ours!

I had my regular appointment on Monday, June 21st where I asked the Dr. to strip my membranes to see if labor would progress on its own as I hadn't had much change by that point. She said I was 3 cm dilated and 80% effaced. My due date was Friday and I was starting to think that I would be at the office again the following Monday to schedule an induction.

Tuesday morning I woke up and lost a lot of my MP along with a little bloody show. I didn't get too worked up as I had been losing a little at a time over the last week or so. All day at work on Tuesday I was having bad lower back pain along with BH contractions. They were timable to under ten minutes but would periodically stop thoughout the day for a half hour/ hour or so. I finally called the Dr. office at around 3 and advised them of what was going on. The nurse on the phone said I should probably head down to L&D but wanted to run it by a Dr. first. At this point I started to get excited but when she came back on the phone told me that with a first child they really like to see the contractions at 5 min. apart so it was a no-go.

Cut to Wednesday morning. I get up and get ready to go to work but am extremely tired as I didn't get hardly any sleep the night before. I go to work at 8 and by 9 I am telling my supervisor I'm going to go home and rest as it was no longer comfortable to sit in my chair with the back pain. DH comes home from work and we eat a little lunch. Once he heads out to go back to work I lay down in bed to get some rest. All of a sudden I start getting a contraction (felt like a BH) but with it came back and pelvis pain so terrible I was shaking. I went through three of those at approximately 5-7 minutes apart. I went to the bathroom and lost a lot more of my mucous plug along with diarhhea. I text DH and told him to drive safe but come home we were going to the hospital. I didn't even want to time them for an hour.

DH gets us to the hospital in record time (about 15 min. away drive took less than 10) weaving in and out of traffic and going well over the speed limit. I get into a room at the hospital and they start asking questions about how far effaced I was etc. and then said the were going to perform an internal to see what was going on. At this point I still thought I was going to be sent home due to no progress. The nurse leaned over and said it was good news- I was at 5 cm and 85% effaced. At that point they said we were going to be admitted and as soon as blood work came back I would get an epidural. I started crying because I was so relieved/scared that this was it. I was admitted to the hospital at 11:30 am, Wednesday, June 23.

They broke my water around 2 only to find that LO had pooped in utero which means the NICU team would automatically be there for the birth. The nurse assured me they were monitoring him and that he was not under any stress at all. By 8 pm I was finally ready to push and it was difficult. The Dr. would come in to check on my progress periodically and finally by 9:15 said that she would like to use a vaccum to help get him out as the long labor was starting to wear on him. I went through four contractions, 3-4 pushes on each contraction with her pulling on the vaccum. She finally said if you don't get him out on this one we are going to have to do a C-Section. I pushed with everything I had, which wasn't much at this point as I was COMPLETELY exhausted but he did end up coming out on the last contraction and his cry was the most wonderful thing I've ever heard. There were about 8 hospital staff in the room at this point due to the muconium but he scored 9 & 9 on his APGAR so they brought him back over to me to hold him.

I ended up having an episotomy (not surprising considering the process) and he was a very healthy 8 lbs. 4 oz. and 21 in. long. Before I became pregnant I was 110 lbs. and 5' 4" tall so not a large frame by any means.

I know why they call it labor but it was all totally worth it!!! Thanks for reading our story! 

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Re: Finally my turn came!! (Long)

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