1st Trimester

What is your 1st tri workout?

Just wondering what everyone does for exercise. I just started back up again, but am having trouble deciding what my routine will be. I just did 40 minutes on the treadmill with a high incline, fast walk and an arm super set routine I learned a while back. I also have kick boxing DVD, a yoga DVD & 30 day shred. I also am thinking about getting back into spin. See. this is my problem- too many option. So, What do you do?

Re: What is your 1st tri workout?

  • It's good that you want to get back into exercising but I would check with your doctor first about which of the options are safe.  I know my doctor cut back my running and gave me parameters to stay within heartrate wise.  So now I am walking 30+ minutes a day and doing basic strength training. 

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    Mine is from couch to bed to kitchen to couch.

    While I'm at work I walk around a lot and set up displays and things. That's about as strenuous as I'm comfortable with considering my history. I'm afraid I'll overdo things. 

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    I do 45 minutes at a medium pace on the elliptical, ARC, or treadmill. Then I do one muscle group for strength. I haven't cut back on weight or anything, since I do low weight, high reps anyways. I may have taken it down a half notch on the cardio, but not much. More because I am tired than anything else.

    I know I could NOT do spin. My heartrate goes through the roof when I do it! I suppose I could do it at a lower rate, but I don't know how really to do anything "low"!

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  • I wish I had the energy to work out right now. I have been so exhausted the past few weeks that I haven't made it to the gym.

    I plan to get back into the gym (soon hopefully) and use the tredmill and bicycles. I just need to get moving again and don't want to raise my heart rate too much.

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  • Pre preg I would do an hour minimum of intense cardio (including running long distances) with weights, or hot yoga/pilates 6 days a week.

    Now I am doing 45 minutes of moderate cardio with weights (but no ab work) 6 days a week.  I alternate between the ARC and the treadmill (3.0 15% incline) and try not to let my HR get above 140bpm. HTH

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  • Thanks for all of your replies. I did speak with my doctor & she said I need to be doing at least 30 minutes a day. She said some docs give a HR not to go over, but just take to take it easy & listen to my body. If I need to stop, then stop. I used to do spin a lot & at a very intense pace, but I am pretty sure I can tone it down. I am not able to run anymore, it just doesn't feel right, so I figure a fast walk on an incline is good. I am a Nurse & am on my feet 3 days a week for 12 hours walking back & forth- on these days I can't bring myself do anything- for obvious reasons (Lol). I was wondering if anyone did 30 day shred. Its a great 20 minute workout & since I don't really enjoy doing weights on my own I think this would be good to work a few times a week m(with light weights). All I really know is, I have to stay active. I feel like I am keeping it light & what I did today did not make me feel bad.

    Thanks again :) 

  • I do Zumba 3 x a week and Zumba toning 2x a week. Sometimes I pick up an extra class here or there. This was what I was doing before my bfp so I've continued it for now. Just cut out a lot of the jumping.

    A woman in my class is a doula and she said the squats will actually be very beneficial.

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  • it isn't recommended to start anything new. If it requires your body some getting used to, then don't do it. stick with the routine you've already had or workouts you've already mastered. and if you have a workout buddy try the talk test. Make sure you aren't so winded that you can't talk because that probably means you are over doing it. Just make sure to stay hydrated and listen to your body.  My doctor told me to wait til my 2nd trimester to work out and to walk 30-60 minutes per day, but if your doctor cleared you for working out, then you should be ok.
  • I walk 4-5 miles 5 days a week now that I'm out of school, and on the other days, do a shorter walk (maybe 2 miles?) around my neighborhood.  I also do light weights for my arms--low weight, high reps.  I am also golfing once a week, and we walk the course.  I no longer carry my own bag, though--DH carries both!

    I was running, but had just started getting back into it.  I didn't feel comfortable continuing b/c my heartrate would get pretty high since I was a newbie still.  I also used to rollerblade, and cut that out due to the risk of falling.

    I'm looking to get back into biking, as long as my OB thinks it's OK (still a risk of falling, but not as high as w/ rollerblading). If not, I'll have to hold off until next summer--with LO in tow! :)

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  • Before getting pg, I did med-high intensity workouts 5 days/wk for about 1-1.5 hrs. My Dr.'s office said I could continue that routine into my pregnancy but my body has made it very clear that I needed to reduce the intensity by about 50%.

    My current schedule is similar to what it was pre-pg, just with reduced intensity.  M/W - 1 hr. competitive swimming, T/TH - 30 min. lifting followed by 30 min. cardio.  I used to do slow 5-7 mile runs on Sat. mornings with friends but I'm not able to tolerate the heat & humidity now.  Plus, I'm not sure if I can do that distance now. 

    I'm hoping to pick back up on the running and increase intensity a little bit once I hit 2nd trimester. 



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  • I am 11 weeks, and I run anywhere from 5-8 miles per day 5 days per week.  I am trying to stay around 25-30 miles per week.  I did get pregnant a week after the Boston Marathon, so this is a cut in mileage for me.  I am taking my runs slower and not doing any speed or hill work.  I do run indoors on my treadmill when the temps or humidity is up.  My heart range is around or slightly lower than 140 and I have been feeling great!
  • i got a workout dvd on amazon called summer sanders' prenatal workout.  i havent actually done it yet... need to get used to this fatigue... but i did watch it! it has a lot of stretching and warmups but it looks like it can still be a pretty intense workout and incorporates different types of excercise. i like it because it has a section for each trimester and there's an express workout if you dont have time for the full length version.
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  • I do 60 min endurance weight lifting 2 x week,  60 min cardio step class 1x week.  But this has been my routine since after DD was born.  I would start light if you haven't been active lately, and it is always a good idea to talk to your dr. 
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  • I walk about 1/2 an hour with DD or do a 20 minute prenatal dvd by Denise Austin that I really like. 
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