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LO is sleeping...any questions for a new momma?

Re: LO is sleeping...any questions for a new momma?

  • How long did your DH/SO take off to be with you?  We were just discussing how much time my DH would need off, including time that I am in the hospital.
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  • Is it easy to tell when LO is finished feeding/full? I'm scared to death I'm going to underfeed our baby!! :)
  • My DH took 1 week off work. I would say that was the perfect amount of time for us. LO was born on a Friday morning and he went back the week after she was born (so I guess he technically took 6 days off work). :)

    In regards to LO finishing eating, there are a couple of cues as to that they are finished. At first, LO fell asleep EVERY time she BF. So we would change her diaper and wake her up that way and she would eat on the other breast. My best advice as to making sure LO gets enough to eat is to keep track of his/her diapers. Ask for your nurse at the hospital to give you a chart of how many dirty diapers LO should be making every day.

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    What are the items that you found to be most useful for YOU to help you more comfortable after the baby?

    I have stocked up on overnight maxi pads, dermoplast, comfortable panties & loose yoga pants to lounge around, nursing camis & bras... anything else?

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