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the nausea is making me cry with frustration

wah. I just need to rant a little bit here.

I have been diligently eating my crackers and ginger ale because almost nothing else is edible at this point. And I was right in the middle of a banana- the world's most easily swallowable fruit, when I gagged really badly and had to run to the bathroom super quick.

Gross. I am so hungry and I can't eat anything and I just want to sit and cry. Plus, I haven't told anyone at work why I'm a total basketcase, so I am feeling guilty about already going home sick twice in the last two weeks.

*grumble grumble*

Re: the nausea is making me cry with frustration

  • I suffered through the same thing, even with bananas :)

     What worked for me (though may not for you) was watermelon and popsicles and oatmeal muffins.

     It will pass, but I know how much it sucks.


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  • I know what you mean.  The last few days have been horrible and I don't know what to do. I have to sit at work and pretend I'm fine and it's SO hard when I feel like I'm dying.
  • Bananas get me everytime...I dont know if it's the banana itself or the fact that I'm eating them when my nausea is at its highest point in the day.  I get about halfway through and then have to toss the banana.
  • Don't worry you're not alone. I've had many nights where I would just cry because I felt so sick and couldn't get anything down. 

    At some point it does get better so just try to keep that in mind. 

  • Don't feel bad.  I have the nausea, but can't throw up.  I wish I could...it is so miserable.  I also can't tell anyone at work and no one understands my freak out moments.  Vent lady, it's ok.  I feel you.
  • I hear ya, I've been the same way. I sat on my kitchen floor and cried last night b/c I haven't been able to stomach anything except lemonade and the occasional Wheat Thin. It sucks, but we will get through it!
  • It can be so frustrating because you never know what is going to make you feel sick or not. I just have to tell myself to take it one day at a time and that hopefully it will go away soon! I have also tried lemon ginger tea, that worked well and I want to try ginger snaps. The worst thing to do is skip eating because at least for me that makes it worse so I try to stomach at least a few crackers or bread. Hope it gets better for you!
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  • I feel your pain. I had no idea how miserable being pregnant would be. I am seriously considering adopting the rest of my children! It helps to let your frustration out though.  I am allergic to many things including wheat so I can't even eat a cracker except some really bad gluten free ones.  Right when I was feeling so sorry for myself, my friend miscarried her baby. It really put things in perspective. We can do this! It will be worth it all when we see those little fingers and toes!  
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  • thanks for the support, ladies.

    And thanks for the popsicle tip. I found some all-fruit popsicles (like those Mexican cart vendors sell- well, at least in LA they do!) and those are not only easy to eat, but I can at least console myself that I'm getting a tiny amount of fruit, too.

    as to the gluten problem - wow, that must be so tough! If I couldn't eat crackers, I think I'd starve. hang in there, and good luck finding edible alternatives.

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