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8 1/2 month toothless, bald and not crawling LO

I know every baby grows differently and at their own rate but my 8 1/2 month old son is toothless, bald and not crawling yet.

Anyone else? I worry that he is behind.



Re: 8 1/2 month toothless, bald and not crawling LO

  • Kaitlyn doesn't crawl either, she'll turn from her stomach to back within 2.5 seconds.  She also doesn't put a lot of weight on her feet, she'll crunch up or bend 90 degrees at the waste.  Our friends have a boy who is two months younger than her and he can stand straight up, but can't sit yet.
  • every mother worries there baby is behind, don't worry he is growing at his own pace :)
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  • Ppl thought it was odd when DS had a full head of hair, a full mouth of teeth and crawled by 8.5 months.....

    That's just proof that a) as mothers we worry too much b) no matter where your LO is on the scale...its never correct in everyone else's opinion.

    Your LO is right where he needs to be.  If he's still hairless, toothless and not mobile by kindergarden...then I'd worry. Smile


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  • sgrlsgrl member

    Sadie is also still gummy! I read somewhere that the later they get teeth, the less prone those teeth will be to cavaties, so it's not a bad thing.

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  • Ok my little guy is 7 1/2 months and is now starting to get one tooth. He is full of drool and is not crawling either and I dont think he will. But I am so ok with that...everyone is exactly right they will do as they will when they are ready and that is NORMAL!! Like one of the Mom's posted...if your baby is bald, no teeth and not moving by kindergarden then their may be an issue...otherwise he will just grow and be who he needs to be at his own pace! ;0)
  • I'm sure we'll be right there with you. I heard you shouldn't worry about crawling at all... some babies go straight to cruising without crawling. As for the toothless and bald, I've seen bald one year olds that have tons of hair at 2 and I didn't get my first tooth until my first birthday (exactly). I'm sure your LO is just fine.
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