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Helpful info for all newbies, lurkers, new brides, etc. Please read!

Hi Ladies!  I wrote this post to help those of you who are new to TTC and/or the TTGP board.  My intention is to help you by having a bunch of information all in one post.  Ofcourse, you can learn all of the same things from lurking, but this will save you some time.


First, there is a glossary of abbreviations at the bottom left hand of the page, under all the board names.  You?ll pick up most of the abbreviations from lurking, but if you?re not sure, just ask.


Second, with so many new people joining the board all the time, it?s hard to keep track of who you are.  Please consider adding an avatar picture or a picture into your signature, it makes it so much easier for us to recognize you and get to know you.  You don?t have to use a picture of yourself, add anything you want. is an easy way to do this.


Most of the ladies on this board chart using  Please check that out.  You can access the site by clicking on anyone?s chart link.  FF has amazing tutorials and great FAQs.  Even if you?re not charting your temperatures yet, just tracking your cycle days, cervical mucus or OPKs is very helpful.


If you have charting or temping questions, please check the Fertility Friend frequently asked questions page first.  Most of your questions can be easily found there.


You can add your FF ticker by going to the sharing tab, update your homepage info first, copy the address it gives you.  Then cut and paste that info into the following code to your bump profile in the signature section.  <a href=?your FF code here?</a>


Please do not waste your time using the bump ovulation calendar.  It is useless and will teach you nothing about your body.  This goes for bump tickers as well.


Taking Charge of Your Fertility (TCOYF) is a great book that will teach you so much about your body and how it works.  You will see if referenced often on TTGP.


You can order cheap OPKs online from or  Amazon and ebay have cheap tests as well.  Please check out for lots of information about how to read tests, there are tons of pictures on that site.


An OPK is only positive when the test line is as dark or darker then the control line. 


When in doubt, hump it out! 


It can take your body 6 mths to a year to adjust after stopping birth control.  If you go 60 days without AF, call your doctor.  A doctor can prescribe Provera to jumpstart your cycle again.  It can take a healthy couple a year to get pregnant.  There is only a 20% chance of getting pregnant each cycle, even when all factors are perfect. 


If you think you are pregnant, take a test.  We can?t tell you if you are pregnant or not, only a test can.  Don?t ever start a post on TTGP asking us if you are pregnant, this will not go over well.


If your period is late, but your tests are all negative, even if you have always had a clockwork cycle, this means that you have ovulated later then usual.  Take a test once a week until you get a +, AF or you hit 60 days. 


Below is a HPT accuracy chart.  We never recommend testing before 14dpo.  If you don?t chart, and therefore don?t know for sure when you ovulated, we suggest that you wait until the day after your longest cycle.  If you test early, be prepared to see a BFN.  Remember, you are never out until AF shows.  Good luck!

HPT accuracy DPO
10 dpo : 35%
11 dpo : 51%
12 dpo : 62%
13 dpo : 68%
14 dpo : 74%
15 dpo : 80%
16 dpo : 88%
17 dpo : 92%
18 dpo : 99%


If you take a HPT and get a faint line, you are pregnant.  A line is a line for a HPT as long as you check within the testing timeframe.  Congratulations, have a wonderful time on the 1st tri board!


Implantation bleeding is very rare and can only be determined after you get a positive pregnancy test.  If you have spotting, just mark it in your chart and keep your fingers crossed.  It might be the elusive IB, it might be random spotting, it might be the start of AF, only time will tell.

Please don't prop your hips up in the air, stick a pillow under your butt, stand on your head, etc.  All of these activities are just begging for a UTI.  After sex, get up and pee.  All of the smart and strong sperm are already well on their way to the target.  Everything that's leaking out after sex is just the fluid and the dumb ones, go pee!

CD1 is always the first day of red flow.  If you don?t start AF until the evening, it?s still counted as that day.  If AF starts while you are sleeping, you can count CD1 as the next morning.  Do your best to be accurate, but it only really matters when you are doing a medicated cycle.


Green tea helps to increase the amount of CM that you have.  Drink 1-2 cups from CD1-Ovulation.  Don?t drink green tea during the 2ww because it could cause uterine contractions which might impact implantation. 


You can also buy PreSeed, a sperm-friendly lube.  You can order this from or by checking the PreSeed website for stores.  This is the only lube safe while ttc, regular lube and saliva can kill sperm.  If you do order preseed, don?t use too much, a little goes a long way!


Fertile CM is either watery or egg white cm.  Watery is literally like water.  Eggwhite cm is the most fertile and literally resembles egg whites.  It can stretch more then 1-2 inches, but the color doesn?t matter, it could be clear, milky or even have some spotting.  


Pomegranate juice can help to thicken your lining which would help with implantation.  Pom brand juice is expensive, try Minute Maid Blueberry Pom.  Please avoid other blends, most don?t contain enough real pom to help your lining.  If you don?t like the flavor, try adding some sparkling water.  Drink 8oz of juice a day from CD1-O.  You can drink it past ovulation, but it won?t impact your lining at that point.

Pineapple core (Bromelain) can help with implantation.  Eat 1/5 of the core from O - 5dpo, but not longer.  Not a ton of people do this, but you can try if you want to.  It's better if you make it into a smoothie.

B6 can help to lengthen your LP.  However, B6 can cause nerve damage in too high of a dose, please check with your Dr before starting this, and have them tell you what dose to take.

Avoid Advil/Motrin (NSAIDs) when you are ttc, they can impact implantation.  Tylenol is best when ttc and pregnant.  If you have a question about any medications while ttc, please ask your Dr.

If you haven?t started taking a prenatal vitamin, do it now!!!  You don?t need an Rx.  I use the Target brand prenatal.

Lurk on the board to learn, Google is your friend!  The TTGP board is a wonderful resource and the women are very knowledgeable but we aren?t a substitute for doing your own research.  When you are ready to participate, please consider posting an introduction.

Welcome and good luck!  I hope this helps you!




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