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My SIDS Scare (this is long)

On 4/20 I welcomed a perfect baby boy 7lbs 5ounces and 19 inches long on 4/22 I got to take him home.  On 4/24 at 10PM at night after two hours of trying to get my baby to sleep he finally fell asleep and the way he was sleeping was exactly like my husband on his back with his arms spread out over his head.  I put the baby next to my husband on the bed who was sleeping the same way and decided to take pictures.  As I was taking pictures I noticed my baby was pale.  Knowing I needed to wake him up at 1030PM for feeding and changing I picked him up.  Nothing, I un-wrapped him nada, I changed his diaper not even a twitch.  I took him over to my chair and started to tickle him, zilch.  I put his chest to my ear and heard a heartbeat but his breathing was very shallow.  I put him down on my lap and tickle his feet still nothing.  Then he started to convulse; I start to scream at my husband who sits bolt up in bed and just in time to see our baby have another convulsion, he asks for his baby I hand him over to my husband and run to the phone and call the pediatrician hotline, they tell me to call the ambulance.  My husband meanwhile is trying to wake our baby, he finally gets a feeble cry but then nothing.  The ambulance comes, the baby cries again and then goes silent.  In the ambulance ride they have oxygen on him and the EMT is pinching his feet and tickling him he is getting no response.  By the Time we get to the Mt. Auburn he finally coming to and is unhappy.  The Childrens Hospital is called and he is put into an incubator and driven to them.  For a week my baby is hooked up to machines and has tests done.  My baby boy suffers from Apnea (He forgets to breath when he sleeps and is breastfed), something that happens in immature babies, it normally is not caught until the child has blue lips or is blue or has become a SIDS baby.  His Dr. is telling me that he has NEVER gotten a case before where the child is pale; I saved his life.  Today he is now on a monitor, when he stops breathing I must run to go wake him, I must administer caffeine to him but he is slowly getting better, some nights there are no alarms, some nights many, some nights he gets himself out of it, some nights I must do it.  In July we go back for our study to see if he can be taken off the monitor but our Pediatrician does not think he will pass.  He is a happy little boy, smiles constantly can say 'ooh' when you say 'ooh' to him and gets excited when he sees your face over his crib when he wakes up.  Someday I will use this against him as a teenager but for now I am grateful that my annoying habit of attention to the little details did something good; it saved his life. 

Re: My SIDS Scare (this is long)

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