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Hey Short Cervix Mamas

Hello ladies,

I'm 32 weeks today and the tech wrote in my chart that my length was 1.3-1.5. I don't have a cerclage, but my doctor doesn't seem to worried (two weeks ago I had jumped up to 2.9) He says if the contractions pickup(not having many at all) or I have bleeding then I would go into the hospital to help the baby's lungs along.

So my questions to you are, how far long are you? What's you length? What is your doctor saying?

Thanks ladies!




Re: Hey Short Cervix Mamas

  • 31 weeks with twins.  Length varied during the scan from 3 cm to 2.3 cm with funneling just sitting there watching it.  Then it went down to 1.9 cm with major funneling upon valsalva.  No current indication for hospitalization or steroids. 

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  • I was 1.7 at 28 weeks with a singleton. I was admitted to the hospital and given steroid shots to mature the baby's lungs. When they were happy I was stable I was sent home on bedrest. I was 2.4 today at 34 weeks after 6 weeks of bedrest. That was high enough (and far along enough weeks-wise) for me to be released from bedrest. GL!

    (It's my understanding they don't do a cerclage past a certain point.)

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  • I am 27 weeks with measuring at 23-25mm with funneling. We could see the contractions and funneling while just laying there. I go back tomorrow, it has been a long painful weekend. I have been on Procardia for a month now 2x a day, which has helped my cervix it jumped up like 5 mm a one point, but it seems that I am having more and more contractions. Will be getting a new game plan tomorrow. I delievered at 25 weeks back in 2004. So I have been really monitored this time around.

    GL to you!

  • I was 3cm at 22 1/2 weeks so was released from the hospital. By the next week I was down to 1.8 cm so I got the shots to mature my twins lungs. Had too many contracts and was rehospitalized until yesterday. Cervix is now down to 1.4cm. I am on a terb pump, Go back next week to see if anything has changed. This time I am backing a bag to take long.
  • At a certain point the cervix will shorten naturally. Some docs don't believe in bedrest.
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