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Question about Size 1 Diapers

We're coming to a close on our last box from the shower (we had three 216ct boxes) and I was wondering if I should get another large box, something smaller, or just move on to size 2. He is12.5 lbs and it says size 1 goes up to 14 pounds. When did you move to size 2?
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Re: Question about Size 1 Diapers

  • Buy a size 2.  The range for those is 12-18 lbs I think.  Plus, they're much better for overnight.  I switched my baby around 12.5 lbs.  I like the size 2 much better.

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  • I didn't buy anymore size 1 diapers once DS hit about that size.  As soon as he could fit in the size 2 diapers, I used up what I had with size 1 and moved on.  He gains about a pound every two weeks so I knew we'd go up sizes quickly.  Honestly, it seemed like once we switched, they were more comfortable for him anyway.  Even though they say they can fit babies up to 14 pounds, it doesn't always mean that it'll be comfortable.
  • For me, it's about LOs length as much as weight.  We switched DD to 2s around 6w.  Yes, she's a decent sized gal, weight wise.  But she's was already 2 ft. tall by that point, so she was constantly pooping out the back of the 1s.  Now we're about ready to switch her to 3s for the same reason.  They grow fast, so if it were me, I'd go for the bigger size.

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  • I'd get the 2's. DS just grew out of the size 1's Sad they put a Huggies on him at the pedi and we have Pampers at home and both brands fit just fine. He weighs 12.3 pounds and is 23 inches long.
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