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When you lay LO down for nap/bed...

are they completely asleep when you do?  Do they wake up? How many times do you have to "repeat" the process before they stay down?


Re: When you lay LO down for nap/bed...

  • She has to be asleep when we lay her down otherwise she just begins crying instantly. Even when she's completely asleep sometimes she wakes up. We have done the process up to 4 times just for one nap. We've had more success putting her in the swing and the carseat to sleep. She just won't stay asleep in her crib or bassinet, which is getting very old and frustrating! 
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  • I wait until DD is totally asleep before I put her down.  Otherwise she goes from drowsy to alert in 0.5 seconds.
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  • My DD is half awake when I put her down...for naps or bedtime. I noticed if she's swaddled from waist down (she likes her arms free) she falls asleep a lot faster. HTH!
  • Conner doesn't "nap" in his bassinet or crib. He's only 17 days old so he's with me all day. Either napping in his bouncer, swing or my arms. He'll pass out by himself.

    When it comes to bed time I usually hold him till he falls asleep but other times he will fight sleep for an hour or more so I just wait till he's drowsy and place him in his bassinet. He eventually falls asleeps with a bit of coo-ing and "talking" to himself. He's also swaddled which I think is a great help.

  • I put him down awake. I want him to be able to put himself to sleep.
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    I put him down awake. I want him to be able to put himself to sleep.

    This, though we didn't start until DD was around 10 weeks old.  We still have to "help" her calm down initially (by holding the paci in her mouth, rubbing her tummy gently, etc.) but if she's just kind of whining and not crying we let her fuss to sleep while we stand next to the crib.  It doesn't take very long.  Occasionally she'll wake up and cry a little, and depending on the type of crying we'll just let her put herself back to sleep.  She's finally learned to suck on her fingers instead of trying to cram the whole fist in her mouth, lol.  If you give your baby a chance, he / she will come up with creative ways to sooth themselves instead of having to depend on you to comfort them.

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  • I have to put her down asleep. She really won't put herself to sleep at this point. If she wakes up, sometimes she will put herself back to sleep. But initially we have to rock/walk/bounce her to sleep.
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  • I try to put her down awake a few times a day (so she can practice self sooth) It's usually 5 to 20 minutes of patting and putting paci in mouth. If it's longer I take her out of crib or RNP and rock her or play (in the event I misread her cues and she wasn't really sleepy).

    Other times I nurse or rock to sleep and lay her down completely asleep if she wakes I just do the above.

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