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Please rec. your baby carrier..

Which do you have and love? If it matters, I'm kind of short (5'1"). Thanks.

Re: Please rec. your baby carrier..

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    I know I posted below but the Ergo is great.  Im 5'3 and I love it.  My DD is about 30 pounds and I can carry her on my back with no problem.  It does not hurt my back at all.  Plus my DD loves riding in it too!
  • Ergo is my favorite and I have 3 other carriers!
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  • I have heard rumors that the Ergo is going to be on today. Their items go up at 9am MST. You can check the website then and try and get one for a really good deal. I think I paid $70 for one from there. :)
  • We love our Ergo, too.
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  • I have an Ergo, still use it for my 17 month old and love it.  In warmer weather, my daughter can't stay in it for long...we both get hot now that she is so big.  If this is for your toddler, you may want to look at a toddler carrier unless you're pregant and this is for baby #2.  NC Belle has some toddler carrier recs on her blog.  You can find her on the AP board.  I think the recs for toddlers are the Boba and Oh Snap which you could rent before you buy from

    I do not have experience with either of these carriers, but you can check reviews at   I use linen ring slings when it's warmer outside.  Good luck!

  • our ds is tall and heavy and we use a framed carrier from jack wolfskin- the watchtower i think its called.
  • I'm 5'3". Which one I use depends on why I'm using it and on whom. My torso is short, so not everything is comfortable on me, and my LOs definitely have preferences - how does your LO like to be held?

    My first was cranky & needed to be carried a/o swaddled to calm down, and he liked the security of being snugged in a cradle carry across my chest in a sling. He got big fast but still wanted to be carried so I switched the sling to a hip carry & he loved it. I own a Hot Sling & a Slingling in slightly different styles & sizes  - fit is very important for a sling but its so easy to use & keep with you in a diaper bag, etc. DS didn't like dangling out front with an ergo/bjorn style carrier and I had a hard time getting those adjusted comfortably and taking him off without waking him. I tried a moby wrap but preferred the on/off ease of a sling.

    With my newborn DD I have used the sling mostly so I can breastfeed but still move around w my toddler. For knocking her out & handsfree carrying she relaxes best in my mei tai carrier. She likes to be held upright & lay her head near my heart & it works well for that- plus I can see her face to check her breathing, etc. To save $ I sewed my own from McCalls pattern 5678.   

    The carriers can be pricey & I hate to spend alot when I dont know if LO or I will like it. If you are the same way you may want to see if there is a babywearing group near you that has a carrier library you can borrow from or check out a children's resale shop - I have found all types including the pricey brands for less than $20 at the resales near me - good luck!

  • If you plan on sharing it with your DH, we like our Babyhawk Oh Snap.  It fits me (5'2" narrow shouldered) and my DH (5'10" broad shouldered).  I love my petite Kinderpacks, but she doesn't have any instock at the moment.  If we are going somewhere and can only bring one carrier from our stash, we'll bring the Oh Snap.
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