3rd Trimester

Where are you baby???

I have no right to complain, I'm not even late.

But here it comes anyway!

4 of my friends had their babies this week. FOUR. THIS WEEK.

They were all due around the same time as me or after.

I am insanely jealous.

But I have to keep reminding myself that he is going to come when he wants, and that I am providing such a comfy environment that he doesn't want to leave.

I have had such an easy pregnancy thus far, so I know I'm lucky. No morning sickness, no pain, no scares. But this week has just been a pain in my BUTT. So much pressure, peeing every 15 minutes, can't sleep a wink. And I just want to meet my baby <3

Anyone here late/near the end?


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Re: Where are you baby???

  • I feel ya. Tomorrow is my due date and I'm getting left behind..lol....  but I have to remind myself that most of the people who were due with me and have already had their babies,  are 2nd (or more) time mommies.   This is my first, so it's no surprise she's not here before due date.

    The annoying thing for me is that I have been having contractions, and some of them very strong, for a WEEK.  Almost every day, DH and I have thought "this could be it!"  and then... nope.   At this point, we've stopped getting excited. lol

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  • My due date was this pass Saturday and honestly I don't even FEEL like labor will happen...
  • I am so ready for LO to get here....due date is the day after tomorrow and two friends have had their babies this week. Granted, they were due before me....I sitll feel like I'm just going to be pregnant forever and he is never going to come!!! I think he's hanging on for dear life and will have to be booted (induced) out!!! Angry Plus it's no help that I am totally over all the "You're still here" & "Any change?!" comments that I could just scream..........

    LO needs to get here quick before I totally freak out!

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  • I have 6 days left and I definitely am ready to be done! My DH thinks I will be late but I have been holding out hope I'd be a LITTLE early!! The peeing, the sciatica, the waking up and laying there restless,and the desire to just hold and breastfeed my little boy are starting to drive me crazy!! I'm hoping the full moon will break my water this Sat.....that would be so nice!
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