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The Great Pediatrician Hunt...

Hi, everyone! I am (thankfully) winding down my pregnancy, but just starting the search for a pediatrician. My husband and I moved to the Akron area a year ago (Stow, to be precise), and this is our first kid. I don't want to randomly pick a pediatrician, and I don't have the time (or patience) to pour through all of the options and interview them. Any suggestions? Thanks!! :)

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    Congrats! Where do you plan to deliver?

    We're in Stow, too, and take our son to the Akron Children's pediatrics practice in Hudson. It's in a complex across the street from JoAnn HQ on 91. We regularly see Dr. Hord. She's great! There are several doctors there though, so if you absolutely NEED an appointment, you can always get one. Also, they have separate well and sick waiting rooms which is nice. For me, it was important to find a ped. that's both good AND close to home. I don't want to be driving all over town for appointments. Friends of mine use Akron Children's ped. offices and seem to like them, too. There are several offices throughout the Akron area.

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    I live in Cuyahoga Falls.  I take my DS to Dr. Cochran he is with Pediatrics of Akron Practice.  He was recommended by my OBGYN and some other moms as well.  My SIL takes her children to Akron Children's Hospital Pediatrics in Hudson.




    We go here, too.  He's great!

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  • We live in Alliance and take our LO to Children's Hospital Pediatrics I think it's the Green location but they have a Akron add. It's the one on Turkeyfoot Lake Rd. to Dr. Hood, she is wonderful!! It's about 35 min or so from our house but so worth it!!
  • I go to mark evans associated with Akron Children's hospital, I love him and would reccomend him to any family or friend. His office is in brecksville, right on edgerton rd. That may be a bit far for you, it just depends how far you're willing to travel for a good doctor.
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  • I also live in Stow and have only been here for 2 years so was a bit overwhelmed with beginning the pediatrician hunt.  I will definitely be looking into using Akron Childrens in Hudson now as well.  Hope everyone is doing great!

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