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Membrane stripping...YAY!

Hello all you preggo ladies,

 Today is my due date and I'm SO surprised that LO decided notto make his appearance! Just joking. I usually go early, so I'm surprised that I made it to my due date. Anyway, my MW checked me 2 weeks ago, and I was 2 cm and 40% effaced. I talked to her today-I have an appt. in the morning-about whether she would be willing to strip me. She said that she would probably end up doing that because my cervix is so soft, and I'm sure that I will be even more dilated and effaced.

My question is this: who has had this done, what week did you have it done, did it send you into labor, if so, how long did it take to start labor, was it terribly painful? Basically I want and need to know EVERY detail about this. I am nervous, because my MW seems to think that this will be successful in getting my labor to start. We are placing this LO for adoption, and the adoptive parents are coming tomorrow, so I'm really hoping this will do the trick. Everyone is so anxious and ready for him to come out! 

Re: Membrane stripping...YAY!

  • I had mine stripped at my appointment yesterday. The Dr. said afterward that I was 3 cm and 75% effaced. I read up as much as I could before hand....basically it's like anything else they say could "start labor" i.e. walking, sex, etc.- if your body/baby isn't ready you will not go into labor, only if you are already in the beginning stages of labor will it help. Stripping your membrane could start labor, but it may not.

    It was not painful at all.....I've heard it described before as a "very vigorous internal" and that's exactly how I would describe it. Did I enjoy it? No, but I would do it again with the prospect that it could start the labor process.

    As a follow up I woke up this morning and lost quite a lot of my mucous plug and had some bloody show. I've been having terrible back pains and am hoping this is the start of something good!!!!!

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  • Not to freak you out, and I'm sorry if this does, but I think it depends on your body and the person who does the stripping- my SIL had her membranes stripped (with her 2nd child) and said it was the most painful thing she's ever done, and her husband said it was horrible to be there watching her go through it. 

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