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When did you "drop?"

I'm 35 weeks and just wondering when this happened for you all. Did you feel it when it happened? Or did you just suddenly realize you could breathe a little better?



Re: When did you "drop?"

  • I am 38 weeks and dropped sometime last week. My doctor confirmed it at my appointment. Honestly, I don't feel like I dropped. I still look like the baby is high, still have heartburn and difficulty breathing. I am petite so the doctor said there is no where for the baby to go.
  • I will be 40 weeks tomorrow & I still have not dropped.
  • I didn't really notice when I dropped, but it was confirmed at my last appointment on Friday. But I did start getting more pelvic pain and inner thigh pain around 36 weeks 3 days so I'm guessing it happened then.

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  • I'm just over 37 weeks. I don't think I've dropped yet. But I generally have no idea what's going on most of the time. I can't tell which way the baby's sitting, or what body parts are what, or anything like that. My pelvis hurts a little more these days, but I don't know if that's due to the baby dropping, or just the baby getting heavier/bigger.
  • I dropped today. I have been carrying really high my whole pregnancy (my belly starting to shoot out right at my bra line). I sat down at my desk today and after a few minutes I could feel a ton of movement, body parts were flying everywhere. When I stood up I was a noticably different size and shape. Now the top of the movements I am feeling are about 5 inches below my bra line as opposed to up in my ribs where they were this morning.

    I can also breathe a ton easier. On the other hand, my mild mid back pain turned into bad lower back pain :(

  • I dropped last Wednesday, right after I hit 34 weeks. I woke up and it was REALLY obvious to coworker, myself, and my husband. But I was carrying really high previously, hence the obviousness.
  • I started dropping between 33-34 weeks.  It was slow...just kind of noticed a shift in symptoms.
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    I'm beginning to think baby is in the process of dropping right now. I have intense hip and inner thigh pain, feel like my joints are really loose and have to move slower. He might not be offically engaged in the pelvic area yet, but he is on his way. My OB said he would confirm baby's location at my internal on Friday.

    I feel movements and hiccups very very low. Like in my vagina. Smile

    ETA: I've had coworkers and my husband comment on my belly looking like it dropped for 2 weeks now, but this is a whole new feeling of heavy belly.

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  • I dropped around 38 weeks.  You can tell a difference just by looking at my belly and I'm now measuring a little behind (doctor said due to baby dropping).  I've noticed I am breathing a little easier as well.
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  • I still haven't dropped, but I also think LO has to be head down for that to happen and mine is breech so I guess she won't unless she corrects herself. I've also been carrying really low my entire pregnancy.
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