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Need advice concerning my dad

So visited my dad and his wife this weekend and a bit of an awkward situation has arisen.  My dad married a woman from South America 10 years ago who at the time spoke no english and she is about 24 years younger than my dad.    On Friday night my husband was in their living room reading and my step mom came down stairs after my dad went to bed and started complaining to my husband about how unhappy she is, she says my dad has changed and no-longer wants to go out to disco's (my dad is 67), he has become cheap & doesn't want spend money like he use to.  My husband asked why is she sticking around if she is unhappy and she went on to say how much she expects to get from his will when he dies & that she has stuck with him this long that she is going to wait around until he passes on.   My dad is really healthy.  I heard my husband and step mom talking but I really didn't pay her too much mind because I could tell she drunk.

Should I tell my dad about this conversation?  It has been obvious to everyone since he brought her home that she was only with him for money but the fact she is talking about his will is freaking me out. 


Re: Need advice concerning my dad

  • That is an AWKWARD situation.  (((HUGS))) for dealing w/all of this!!!!!  Man that must be tough.

    If I were you I wouldn't say a thing.  Your Dad got into this mess and he is a grown man.  I imagine he suspects and doesn't want to do anything but if he doesn't he will likely get angry at you and than that would hurt your relationship w/him and it could be bad for your little one.

    Boy I hope your Dad lives till he is 95!!!! That is what that BEEOTCH deserves to SUFFER!

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  • Wow. What a truly awful position for her to put you and your husband in. I cannot believe how liberal she was about all that, drunk or otherwise.

    Due to my personal relationship with my father, I'd tell him most likely. I also know that if I was the person in the relationship, I'd want someone to tell me. But that's my humble opinion.

    I don't know the dynamics of your relationship with your dad or his with his wife. I do agree that if he's a logical person, he likely already suspects or knows that his wife is only with him for a shallow reason. I honestly believe that very few people in relationships with that large a gap, are in them for honest intentions.

    I would tread with caution if you choose to tell your dad. If he cares about this woman, he'll likely be unwilling to believe anything ill you can say about her and it might end up severing your relationship with him.

    I'd also go with my gut on this. Would your dad want to know about this? Does he already? Is he the kind of man who is okay with trading money for her companionship?

    Just because she's his wife doesn't mean she's in his will. I truly hope this woman gets shafted after a good forty years of marriage with your father. What a truly awful thing to do.


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  • Unless you got the wife on tape saying all this stuff, stay out of it.  Your dad either knows deep down that his wife sucks and is in denial, or he has no idea and wouldn't believe you anyway. 
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    Knowing the relationship that DH and I both have with my dad, I think we would sit down together and tell him.  I guess there would always be the chance that it would blow up in my face, but I think my dad would take our concerns to heart.  I think it depends on how you feel about how your dad will take it.  I don't envy your position.  GL!

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