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c-section moms ?

I delivered 5 days ago via c/s and have noticed that my feet have become particularly swollen.  I am sure this happened last time too, but I was wondering if anyone else has noticed post c/s swelling?  I am going to call my doc tomorrow, but I thought I would ask you ladies as well.  TIA!!!!
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Re: c-section moms ?

  • My doc said some swelling after a c-section is normal. If it got really bad, or there was pain I was supposed to call. After a week or so my swelling stopped completely.
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  • My Dr said I would be pretty swollen due to the amount of IV fluids they pumped into me during labor and surgery.  She also said that it would get worse before it got better.  I had my c-section 6 days ago and the swelling is starting to improve. 
  • I had a c/s and had horrible swelling. I thought that my feet were swollen during pregnancy, but after the c/s they were so much worse for over a week. Just drink lots and lots and lots of fluid, avoid salt and rest with your feet up (above heart level) as much as you can.
  • OMG, after my c section I could have play Fred Flintstone.  It was so bad it was humorous but it got better after a few days.
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  • I had my c-section a little over a week ago. I swelled up also after I left the hospital but it went away after a few days.

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    My feet were super swollen for a few days post-op. Normal, I think!
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  • It's totally normal. Both of my muffins were cs, 1 w/ a failed induction, 1after full labor &dilation. Post cs swelling was much worse w the induction but both times i had some all over swelling followed by worse lower extremity swelling peaking about a week after birth. It takes about 2 weeks for all of the fluid to come off.

    Like others say drink lots of water, try to fit in some walking to keep circulation going, and try eating diuretic veggies (like asparagus, cucumbers, peppers) to help things along. I also found that having DH massage my calves/ankles/feet was very helpful to move the water out. Congrats!

  • Yeah, I had swollen feet and ankles during my last month of pregnancy and until about 1 month after I delivered.  They were swollen so bad that I never thought they would go back to normal but I'm thankful that they did.

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