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Anyone else craving meat?

I don't know what's going on, whether it's an official craving or not, but all I have wanted over the last two weeks has been meat.  Beef, pork, turkey, sausage, plus cheese, bread, sauces - anything heavy as long as it's got meat.  Before getting pregnant, I was the complete opposite.  I only ate meat once or twice a week (never sausage, didn't like it) and preferred light dishes with lots of fruits, veggies, grains, eggs, and occasional fish.  No heavy sauces. I'd say I was a not-quite-vegetarian.  Now I've turned into a solid carnivore and all I can think about are juicy hamburgers!

Of course, DH is really enjoying these new preferences. He was teasing me and said it's because I'm carrying his man-child.

Anyone else experiencing this?

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Re: Anyone else craving meat?

  • If I could have had a steak every night for dinner 1st tri I would have :)
  • Yes!! I think it's b.c we probably need more protein. 
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  • I've also wanted red meat all the time.

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  • scorchscorch
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    that has been all that I have wanted for the past few weeks.  I am dreaming of the perfect steak. 

  • Ewwwwwww, not quite with you ladies on this one. It doesn't quite turn my stomach, but I don't think it would be my dinner of choice.
  • Yes, a couple of times a week I get a craving for meat.  I never really enjoyed red meat before, but I've been wanting it the past few weeks!  I'm trying to eat more protein in general because I figure my body is trying to tell me something.
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  • Yep. this is me. Every  time I drive by an open field and see cows all I can think about is "MMMmmmm....STEAK!" 

    I love me some yummy cow!Big Smile

  • I crave meat as well! I want it like every day! I never used to like meat, and now i want it all the time! So your not alone!
  • I'm the same way.. all I want is anything that's either meaty or cheesy. Or a huge steak!! And I just found out I'm having a boy Big Smile Maybe you are too!

  • Since I was 11, the only meat I've eaten was chicken. My husband has a steak in the freezer because he wants to be ready for the day I want meat! I won't tell him just yet, but I've been noticing that the smell of meat has been more and more enticing lately... :-)
  • Yes, ummm, red meat! During my first tri all I wanted was red meat.  There were about three weeks where I ate a roast beef sandwhich every day for lunch.  This was not the case with my first preganancy.  Well, at 28 weeks I took my Glocose tolreance test and it came back negative for getational diabetes but positive for border-line anemia.  I guess my body was trying to say, Get more Iron, eat red meat!
  • I'm now 38 weeks pregnant so it's not as bad anymore, but I was definitely craving meat in the first two trimesters. It was so bad that I would end up eating a hot dog for breakfast some mornings- which now just groses me out when I think back on it! Before pregnancy I did not eat burgers or steaks very often, if at all- but during it i've eaten TONS!
  • Steak. and it HAS to be medium-rare!

    Stick out tongue 

  • When I was pregnant with my son, all I ever craved was meat and salads with lots of shredded cheese. All I could think about was steak and how badly I wanted one. I would make HUGE meatballs in the spaghetti and devour them first. My hamburgers were bigger than my head haha, just kidding, but you get my point. I wanted meat all the time. And I never used to put anything on my salads except the dressing. I started putting tons of shredded cheese and chopped boiled eggs [another strong craving] in my salads. I just craved a lot of protein when I was pregnant with my son.
  • I started out craving vegetables and my DH thinks it might be a girl cause of that, but since i picked up a new cooking  book and learned how to cook a bunch of meat dishes ive started trying to balance it all out.. cravings are wierd arent they? lol.
  • I just had my baby on the 5th.  I was about 75% vegetarian before I got pregnant.  (If there is such a thing.)  I immediately started craving meat like a crazy person.  I have lupus, so I was avoiding meat because it made my symptoms worse.  Oddly the craving stopped almost as soon as he was born.  And I really craved starches, bread, potatoes, etc. during the 1st tri because it calmed the nausea.  Best of luck!  
  • I've been a vegetarian since childhood. Now...fish and chicken are starting to sound pretty good. Guess I need the protein!
  • Yes! I'm like a meat and potatoes lady now. Real hearty food. Hamburgers, chicken, etc. I just recently since Thanksgiving started wanting sweet things. But not nearly as much as the MEAT!
  • well if you're craving raw meat it means you're iron deficient. but it may be the same meaning for just meat in general...
  • YES!!!  I WAS a vegetarian before I got KU and when hubby and I started TTC I started eating chicken and turkey as long as it was free-range and organic.  I still wasn't eating red meat and haven't eaten red meat in over 3 years.  Then I got pg and hit 11w and it was all I could think of!  My super woman smell could seriously hunt down a hamburger.  I broke down the other night and had the biggest, juiciest BEST steak of my life!!!!!!!
  • I told my hubby that Im having a caveman baby.. all I want is red meat and we dont eat it very often normally!
  • my DH and i have been vegetarians for years, but when i was pregnant with my DD, then again with my DS, i craved meat too (both times)!  i didn't eat it often, maybe a handful of times through each pregnancy.  and it was mainly just fish or chicken that i ate, but i ate it!  it made me feel super guilty, but i figured, if i'm craving it that bad, then it's probably just my body's way of telling me the babies need more protein, so i did it.

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  • Yes, this has been my biggest craving since day one. Meat and cheese always sound good and I usually find a way to get at least one serving of red meat per day. Before, I only rarely ate meat but would have chicken a few times a week. I have not wanted chicken for the last 3 months. It's got to be that need for extra protein & iron!


    (I'm having a girl, btw... so I don't think it has anything to do with the sex of the baby ;)

  • YES -  and I was a vegetarian for 2 yrs... until I hit 14 weeks that is!  Nowadays all I want are chicken tenders.  I've given into the cravings and have had no guilt about it.  DH (and everyone else in the fam) is very happy that I'm eating meat, even though it's only been chicken so far...
  • i definitely craved meat, and occasionally I still do. I hated sausage gravy before this baby...now I crave it! I also want more steak and fish than ever!
  • Make sure you're getting enough iron/protein in your diet.  I think cravings can often indicate what our body isn't getting enough of, so pay attention to what it's telling you!  Pregnant women need more iron because of our increase blood load so I don't think there's anything wrong with having a good cut of steak when you want one!

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  • Craving meat (and I don't eat it very often I am technically a pescetarian) mostly sausage... yummy. I have no idea why cause I usually don't like it... protein perhaps?

    On another note anything sweet I usually throw up or it doesn't taste good. I like salty things but sweet.... no no.
  • Nope.  In fact reading this post has made me a little nauseous.  Meat is definitely an aversion for me.

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  • 'Man-Child', my significant other tells me the same thing! In my first trimester all I wanted was Harris Ranch steak from the local dinner, and now, in my second trimester, it is hot buffalo wings. I mean, you'd think I'd get horrible heartburn from them, but I don't get a lick of it, and I've been eating them like CRAZY.

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