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WWYT... Round ligament pain?

So for the past 2 hours I've had some pretty bad "period like" cramping. Worse than my normal crampiness and it's lower as well, like in my pelvic floor. You think it might be ligament pain? Anybody who's had it before, please expand on your experience or if you think I should be worried since the docs office is closed and can't bother them. Pls and thank you :)

btw... The intensity comes and goes, sometimes I'm wanting nothing more than to lay down and then it will fade to just uncomfortable

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Re: WWYT... Round ligament pain?

  • I don't know hun... that doesn't sound right to me. I would call the MD on-call. From what I understand ligament pain is like a sharp pain that goes away in a few deep breaths. Mine is not crampy and always on the same side which my friend who teaches OB says is normal for round ligament pain. I would drink lots of water and rest tonight. Hope it goes away and is nothing!
  • Yeah, what you're describing is the same answer I'm getting on 2nd tri. :( it's lessened up now and is more just when I'm walking. I feel like maybe I did too much. I went shopping today and was on my feet all day. If it continues tomorrow I'll call the doctor. Thanks for the help.
    9th cycle: BFP! DS born 10-26-11 ---
    1st cycle: BFP! Due: 5-24-13

  • I have been experiencing cramping intermittently for several weeks now (I'm 12w5d today) but mid-week last week I started feeling really sharp low pains, strong enough to freak me out. I called the OB's office and they told me to come right in since I had been feeling the sharp pain for greater than 24 hours. And once I got there, the nurse practitioner had me lay on the table, and she asked, "Is this it?" as she put her hand precisely on the area that was giving me so much pain. She promptly told me that it was just ligament pain and explained that there are numerous ligaments that hold the uterus in place and that they're all stretching. I was so relieved when she brightly said, "It's totally normal!" I'm guessing yours is likely just normal growing and stretching, too, but I'd definitely check with your OB if you want some true peace of mind...

     Good luck!

  • I have been getting round ligament pain, if I turn or move a certain way I get a sharp shooting pain that lasts only a few seconds but it so painful. I also get cramping though....it's the uterus expanding and stuff growing in there :-) I have endometriosis so these are a picnic compared with what I normally deal with. I find that if I drink more water they tend to lighten up.
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  • Stef, I am about as far along as you and I have been cramping since before I took a test. My mom told me she cramped all the way through both of her pregnancies. It is like what you described as period cramps, not RLP. I have asked my doctor and naturopath about this as well and all assure me that it is normal. I am taking magnesium three times a day and 1 tbsp. fish oil at breakfast and this has helped as both have anti-inflammatory properties. My worst cramping is in the middle of the night but if I make sure to take magnesium right before bed, I usually don't wake up. HTH!
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