3rd Trimester

U/S suggestions for more movement

I have had my 20wk u/s for growth but at the point they could not determine the sex because the babies legs were covering the gentials. I went back again and the same thing.

I am paying for an elective 3D/4D u/s tommorrow and really WANT to know the sex of the baby. I am 28wks now so I am hoping for the baby to show it's goods! Any suggestions for geting the baby wired for the u/s.

Currently the baby moves occassionally through out the day but not anything to crazy like some women. Nothing I eat or drink really increases the kicking/movement.

 Should I try Mt Dew (even though I am not a coffee or soda drinker), OJ, chocolate....what to make the baby move???!!!

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Re: U/S suggestions for more movement

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