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Early Labor Stops?

Around 5pm yesterday, I started having regular contracitons every 10-15 minutes.  These were not Braxton Hicks contractions, they were much more intense.  Not all of them made me stop and "breathe"... but maybe once or twice an hour I would have to.  This continued through the night... I could not sleep through some of them.  Finally, about 4am, I fell alseep until maybe 7 or so.  Once I got up this morning, I've had very few contractions... they have really slowed down (maybe every 40 min) and are def not as intense.  I also lost the MP this morning.

Is it normal to have early labor symptoms and then they just stop?  I feel bad bcs I called off work because they were semi-intense, but now I am feeling nothing.  I may go back to work tomorrow... but others have to change their shfits to cover for me, so it's messing up more than my schedule.  Frustrating!!

 Can anyone share a similar experience so I don't feel so crazy?  ;)

Re: Early Labor Stops?

  • I should add that my original EDD was June 3rd, but then the doc changed it to the 12th based on measurements.  So I am really like 4 days overdue.
  • i had the same thing happen last Wednesday, except i actually went to L&D only to be sent home for not having any progress, and everyday since then has been just about the same; by the end of the night i have contractions sometimes as close as 4 min apart, but not always "labor" intense; my MW called it prodromal labor, and it stinks!


  • I had prodromal labor for 4 days with my DD....I also had several days of contractions that would stop and start with DS but that was different.

    Prodromal labor sounds like what you are having since they are still coming today, even if they aren't as close....it may make you crazy, but you aren't crazy. Hang in there!!

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  • SAME exact thing happened to me last night! From 5pm until 3am. So frustrating...oh well, my midwife says that even though its not the real thing, it does help!
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